JUST NOW. . . .
New harvest of oranges. Mmmm . . .

We can’t feel the aroma of Life from even the biggest screen with the highest quality of images.
It is like viewing our World from a hall of small windows and trying to see all. The ability to see big is the foundation to create big.
Because we can see only what we can see, and we can share only what we have.
And the ability to grow doesn’t have any limit when we create with Joy and Love. . . .

“It became quiet in the garden. The inhabitants were grateful for the sincere love of One to all. . . . Each in their own way, not paying attention to the outside.
If you love sincerely, giving the light from each particle of your heart, does it matter where you are or how loud are your words? No. . . .
If you speak from the heart, can anything hinder it?”
(Happy Home for children and adults “Camomile and Love”)

With love,
Olga Verasen

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