Grey Sky . . . Rain . . . I am hearing: “Wow! This is the best time for an exhibition!” and smiling.
Maybe . . . But at the same time, it is a wonderful example of what we can create in our own life.
We can create grey day colors from our feelings or we can create bright day colors with Joy, Love, Hope.

We are the Master of our own Life – we create our happiness at every moment. There is our Power, Independence, and Responsibility of “What and Why I create in my Life”. Also, this is about “We can only share with the world what we have . . . “

On Saturday, 13 February was a wonderful exhibition in the Clubhouse of South Park Element Complex at Charlotte, NC. Even though it opened a couple of weeks ago, we met many inhabitants at the exhibition. My husband Joff and I very much appreciated everyone who found the time to enjoy our displays!

It was a wonderful connection! Warm words and warm feelings. Thank you wonderful South Park Element community! Thank you, dear Megan! She is Senior Community Manager at South Park Element and her attitude and support gave a special energy to this event.

P.S. Yes, the pandemic has changed a lot of our activities. But I believe that step by step we will come alive and support art activities that give bright colors to a gray day supporting the life we want to live.

More about artwork and my unique art technique here:

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