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Magic Box

I worked as a volunteer with a wonderful team for the program “Art from the Heart” sponsored by BCA in the University of Vermont medical center. Today I created a Magic Box where you can store something very valuable and give it to people. I put hearts in the box which make wonderful gifts of gratitude to those you love . . .

I made up several such sets for children so they could also give the gift of gratitude themselves. When I gave this box to a little boy and told him what this Magic Box meant, he exclaimed: “Wow, I’ll give one to my Grandma!” I again thought about how important positive creativity is in creating the best emotions for happiness our children. One of the best feelings is Gratitude.

We create our life and in it happiness every moment. At the same time, each of us is a customer, an architect, a designer, an engineer, and a builder. Our children do this instinctively. We can not build a happy life for them, but we can teach them so they know how to create their best . . .  

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     With love Olga Verasen 

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