Lovely Hero

Did you have a favorite toy in childhood? Perhaps a hero from a fairy tale?
When I see a big teddy bear, I feel in myself the amazing little girl who can feel our huge wonderful world with her open heart . . .

Did you create toys? I sewed toys with my Mom. There was a home theater where I staged performances with my children. I made many toys-gifts and it gave a lot of joy to those who received them and to me! Is it possible to measure the value of a toy we made for our children? That’s why I started the Toy Workshop . . . More about it on pages Creative Studio > and Creative Classes for family >

And . . . A lovely hero helped me say to my children what I wanted to say . . . Why? Hmm . . . Because our children sometimes don’t want to listen to parents, but they are open and willing to listen to a lovely hero . . . And sometimes our children want to say to you something and a lovely hero can help them to do it . . .

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