Some notices from biologist, artist, and life experience 🙂

When we invite to our Home colorful positive artworks, we invite wisdom, beauty, and strength of life. Sometimes we forget about “What” colors we have and “Why” we have them in our life. Sometimes we forget our unity with Nature. When we live in a neutral and colorless space, we begin to be the same . . .
Our eyes have 125 million light-sensitive cells that feed information to 86 billion neurons. Our most powerful sensory system provides over 80% of the information we process about the outside world. The quality of that information has huge implications on all of the internal systems that keep us healthy. The richer and more varied that information, the more our nervous system retains its quality, quantity, speed.

Color defines how rich and varied the information we are processing. If we live in a predominantly colorless gray and black world, we are allowing our nervous system to atrophy from lack of exercise. Color exercises all of our information processing systems from the light-sensitive cells through to neuron activity, supporting a healthy nervous system.

Exercising supports the speed, quality, quantity, and flexible response of our nervous system to respond to environmental stresses. When we consciously choose colors and create with color, we manifest our own uniqueness and the beauty of our inner world.

We can always improve the link between our inner and outer world to support harmony in life and strong health. And . . .We can always look around with a smile, feel the sun, and make better choices. Bright colors reflect light that supports our health through strengthening our immune system and the harmonious balance of our inner world.

“Melody of Light” The collection “Listen to Your Heart” – the artwork on the right side.

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