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“Sunlight” Art Classes for adults

I am happy to share with you my “Sunlight” technique and Home Design experience through artwork and creative classes. I hope a video of my art classes will be soon. I am happy to see you!

About the “Sunlight” technique
I prefer colors that display our Nature, based on Itten’s color wheel.

I use each color separately to save each color’s uniqueness.
Layer by layer I add colors to a surface: paper, canvas, or panel.

By layering, each color saves its own unique light, and energy and creates an amazing 3D effect. This is why colors save their brightness and my artwork shines from within. Different brushes and styles help me to explain what I want to create. Does my style have secrets? Yes, of course! I will be happy to share them with you in my “Sunlight” Art Classes. Welcome!

What is unique about my art classes?

The result of each art class is finished artwork work that each participant will create, regardless of age and painting experience. How?

Traditional training systems based on the left hemisphere slow the creative process. My classes are based on a method that focuses on the right side of the brain. The right brain has an excellent sense of space and shape. By developing activities through right-brain creativity, we directly tap our unique talents and abilities.

In our lifestyle, the left hemisphere dominates. However, when our brain hemispheres are in harmony, our performance improves, and the speed and quality of our decision-making increase.

When our left and right sides are in harmony we develop boundless thinking and self-confidence and we are able to realize ourselves in any field of activity. Inspiration and harmony, applied to all areas of activity, improve the quality of our lives.

What will you get from my class?
A burst of strength and energy, emotional uplift, joy, and inspiration. Five minutes of theory and the rest of practice. All supplies will be available: brushes, paints, paper, canvas or panel, and aprons.

Who are the art classes for?
– for those who have not yet realized their dream of learning to paint
– for professional artists, teachers, and those whose profession is related to design and creativity
– for everyone who wants to find inspiration, develop their own creative skills, and create something of harmony for their Home.

And  🙂  . . .
I will not be a Teacher and you will not be a Student. We will be together on a journey of creativity. I will share my experience to support and encourage your Creative Way.

This isn’t an Art Lesson . . . This is Art from the Heart . . .
With love, Olga

“The Secret of Light”
Acrylic on canvas or panel
with multilayers’ sunlight technique

“Whatercolor’s Journey”
Watercolor on dry and wet paper
with mixed author’s technique

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