Welcome to Adventures with Little Bird Why!

How does Nature help us grow?

Little Bird Why has a lot of questions . . .
In search of answers to them, many events happen that help her discover her own unique inner world with unity with the wonderful world of Nature. I hope Little Bird Why will become your friend and help you create your own adventures.
Meet Little Bird Why, in an audio fairy tale from the book “Magic Fairy Tales”.

Nice to meet you, Little Bird Why!

See this video, find answers to the questions, and create your own story!

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This video is a short example of an adventure in the Nature world. When you go for a walk with your child,  look around, and share what you see.  I hope this photo and the questions support you! Create your own adventure!

Why does a dandelion have seeds with small wings?
What is it important for seeds to grow?
How can you support Nature?
How does Nature support your growth?
Create your own fairy tale about a dandelion!


Why is water so important?
How do we get water?
How can you support Nature’s clean water?
How does water help you physically grow?
Create your own fairy tale about raindrops!


Why does a hedgehog have needles?
What does a Hedgehog like?
How can you support small animals in Nature?
How does Nature help your growth?
Create your own fairy tale about a hedgehog!

“Little Hedgehog”

Why do raindrops have a different color?
Why is the sun is important for everyone?
How does the sun support us in saving energy?
How does the sun support your personal growth?
Create your own fairy tale about the sun!

“Fluffy Cloud”

Why does Bunny have long ears and legs?
What does a bunny like to eat?
Where does a bunny live?
How can you support a bunny?
Create your own fairy tale about a bunny!

“Bunny’s Dream”

Why do flowers have different colors?
Who likes flowers?
Where do flowers grow?
How can you support flowers in Nature?
Create your own fairy tale about a flower!

Welcome to Nature’s adventure! You can open the page “Handmade Toys” and together create a hero with your child! This hero will help make each walk an adventure, create questions, and discover the answers!