I finished my novel “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” about the amazing eastern boy and his family and, at the same time, about our lives and finding the keys for the Oneness circle.
This story is fiction, but it is also many life stories that have a connection with real places and people. I listened and admired them because they opened their heart and shared with me the wonderful beauty and wisdom of their life.
I believe in the unity of life’s wisdom and that all countries and peoples of our world have this.
I believe in the power and beauty of the best human qualities that reside in the heart of every person. I believe in the power of family based on the highest human values: love, gratitude, respect and mutual understanding.
I continue to work on new books and at the same time, I began work on the big online course for parents “How can I find happiness for my child?”.
I want to share with you my big experience as a happy mom and the coach who over 20 years helps parents find the way to their heart and the heart of their children and create a solid foundation based on the best human qualities and values.
I recently saw this clip. It inspires me and gives the more deeply feeling of value Life and what I create in my Life . . . It is also about that we live on one Home – our Earth. You and I live here . . .

I want to share with you . . . Look at this clip, please . . .

Maybe it also supports you to create the best what you can in your Life . . . With love Olga

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