I finished a new book two days ago and wrote the words “From heart to heart” on the first page. Why did I write this?


Because I create books for children, but at the same time I have more than 20 years of experience communicating with children and parents from 15 countries as a teacher and trainer. My six years of study at the University of Biology helped me realize how important it is to pay attention to the heart.

This university was the second university for me. I had the experience of 5 years of study at the first university, which gave me a deep understanding of the value of nature in our lives. And-and-and I had a happy experience with my three young children. They helped me become a student at the Third University “Being a Mom”.

My children, together with professors, helped me understand the importance of paying attention to my own heart. It is not only a part of the physical body. This is an amazing center of our inner world, which has an impact on our whole life.

The best and strongest relationships between children and parents are always created from Heart to Heart always based on the best feelings and emotions. All the best in life is always created in harmony with the heart.

Feelings – emotions – thought – action – result.

This awareness has always become the basis of what I create: books, pictures, as well as online programs that I will start soon.

This film is also about the value of the heart as a special center . . . Please see . . .
With love, Olga💝🦋🙂

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