Little Hedgehog

Many years ago, at the same time of spring as now, my daughter and sons back home after school with a little hedgehog, He woke up in spring from the warm sun but there was too early and still a lot of snow around.
Little Hedgehog lived in our home for several weeks and when the really warm days came we let him go outside. But still a lot of time he came back every evening to the porch and drank milk. And we learned that hedgehogs like to rustle loudly at night, like to sleep during the day and also snore very loudly!
So there was my fairy tale about Little Hedgehog.
When people ask me “Where do you find ideas for your books?” I smile because all the ideas came from Nature and these are also the stories of the childhood of my children. And also . . . even though we consider ourselves adults, we are always children in the heart and we also can look at the world with admiring eyes on the world and can ask many questions “Why”. . . And when we listen, own heart, we understand we live together in one amazing Home – Earth . . .

With love Olga Verasen

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