About Bunny and more . . .

This Bunny turned 25 years old in this year . . . When I sewed dolls for home theater to my eldest son and daughter was about 3.5 and 2 years old. They played with these dolls and then they were joined by the youngest son.

My children grew up . . . They are amazing! They are kind, open, talented, purposeful and responsible. And creativity supported to that a lot. Later, I gave the entire collection to the school, but this Bunny remained as a keepsake.

Why am I writing about this? Yesterday I conducted family creativity class in South Burlington City Hall and we also made dolls. I helped to wonderful children and was glad how nice they did that with their wonderful mom. This is not just a doll . . . This is a wise assistant in communication, which helps children say what they want to say and helps parents say what is important . . . and at the same time, dolls and home theater create an amazing warmth in the home . . .

All my attention as a publisher now on the book “Golden Palace, Way of Rule” It is a really very big project. But this in April, I will publish the first book from the “Home Theater” series, where you can find the dolls’ patterns and several small performances in which children and parents can participate.


with love Olga Verasen