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“……….. Old Apple Tree was blooming, and she knew for the last time . . . she would give delicious pink apples to Old Master and everyone who came to her. Apples with fading red stripes on the sides carried a special aroma and taste.

Nobody knew what kind it was – there was no such variety in the whole neighborhood. For so many years, Old Apple Tree shared the wealth she had in the autumn, even as it was becoming more and more difficult for her.

This year she was losing all her strength and did not regret it. “It would be better if you were to grow up just for yourself with joy, for your pleasure, and you would live longer,” said Gray Crow, looking at her dissatisfied. “Why do you give someone else the last one?” she asked Old Apple Tree, perched on a branch. Old Apple Tree didn’t know what to answer: to do otherwise, she couldn’t.

Everything you give sincerely carries love, awakens feelings with which the one who considered himself weak becomes stronger. Gray acquires color when you understand that next to everyday worries and difficulties, there is a greater joy of life… When you see in others’ eyes the light of happiness, is it possible to feel sorry for the warmth of your heart? Old Master did not regret it. Even knowing it was the last………”

The fairy tale “Old Apple Tree” is from our new book that will be out soon. But if you want we will happily send you this fairy tale in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarussian languages.
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