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I always support schools, children’s centers, hospitals as a volunteer as a writer, couch, and artist. I continue that now as a participant of the amazing project

“Better Life Vietnam” of General Assembly United Nation >>>

This project has brought together many people from many countries of the world. This is a friendly team in which everyone can find the opportunity to realize their talents for the benefit of others. Maybe you also can see your opportunity here Welcome!

P.S. Sometimes I listen to the question: “Olga, you are very busy, why you doing that?” I am smiling because it is the tradition of my big family a lot of generations. And also, I just follow the law of Life: “Life always gives you that you give to Life.”

We live on our Earth together. You, I, and all people . . . It is our Home . . .

“If we share love, kindness, and generosity from our heart with other people, our world will be happier . . .” (from the novel “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”)

More about the project

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  • If I can support you and your community, let me know! 

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With love Olga Verasen

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