Programs  for parents 

“Do not seek for happiness. It is always within yourself.” ― Pythagoras

How to find Happiness for a child?
(for parents and not only)

Program author: Olga Verasen  /coach, European Coaching Association International Qualification Certificate # 911-15-2/

 Goal of programs

Give the system of tools for supporting of personality and family harmony continuous developing and improvement.

Target Participants

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • students of early childhood education
  • teachers
  • all adults 🙂


8 hours X 2 days

Brief Description

Module 1. About happiness, a large multi-colored world, uniqueness, and talents.

Module 2. Strange algorithm and secrets of the Magic Mirror.  About feelings, emotions, and the moment “Here and Now”.  How to teach a child to choose?

Module 3. About awareness, the ship, and the captain. How to teach a child to think?

Module 4. About actions, black lines, borders, and restrictions.  How to teach a child to be brave?

Module 5. About the dream, responsibility, and owner position. How to teach a child to achieve their dreams?

Module 6. About skills communications, success, and creativity “How to build the bridge between the two banks?” Family Creative Studio “Together”

Module 7. The power of words and figurative thinking. How to create a workshop of storytellers?

Module 8. About builders and customers. Seven happy habits.

Module 9. The quest for the whole family “Magic Formula”.

Module 10. Continuous joint development and improvement. How to create a home-happy-parents academy?

Module 11. Emotional happiness.

Module 12. Answer the questions. Practice-box experience.



With love

Olga Verasen


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