My practical activities helped me see the Unity of Nature and Humanitarian approaches and their relationship with health, supporting harmonious communication in multigenerational and multicultural communities.
This Unity is the foundation for the Conscious Creativity concept and based on it:
– Conscious Creativity concept
Creativity Studio model
Education programs
The principles and techniques of applying Conscious Creativity are the basis of training and seminars. Below are some of them.
Olga Verasen

Practical course

Conscious Creativity for Sustainable Development

This course is based on the Conscious Creativity concept, practical and scientific experience as a teacher, biologist, ecologist, systemic coach, and creative experience in many additional education settings. The Conscious Creativity technology can be applied to rural and urban, multinational, multiage groups of children, parents, communities, as well as students, and teachers.

The participants can be: professionals and students in the field of additional social sphere education. It is also useful for employees of non-governmental organizations, incl. volunteers working in the field of supporting social risk groups, including refugees and immigrants. This course is also useful for professionals who work in social and rehabilitation medicine spheres of activity.

The course consists of 4 modules that follow one after the other in a specific sequence, helping to form the skills for creating harmonious conditions for individual development and interaction.

Module 1
Conscious Creativity for developing a Culture of Thinking based on human values in unity with nature
The Principals of Conscious Creativity:
– Freedom of Choice through Responsibility
– Independence through Unity
– Tolerance through Respect
– Activity through Improvement

Module 2
Conscious Creativity technology for the harmonious development of social interaction.
I and I, I and You, I and World, World in Me. Balance of the spheres of life.
– families

education group
– communities
– professional activities

Model 3
The model of Conscious Creativity for multiage and multicultural community harmony

How to organize a creative place for supporting the development of unique abilities
– Wizards Workshops as a creative place for unique abilities and
multiage interaction
– Creativity Events
Conscious Creativity technique in the study process and professional choosing

Creativity Quests for communications and professional choosing

Model 4
Supporting stress resistance and immunity: the practice of conscious development of the sensory system and feelings in unity with nature.

The course also encourages the development of multidisciplinary scientific and practical interaction to support the sustainable development of our multicultural society.


Resources for harmonious growth and development in unity with nature

This training shares resources for harmonious growth and development and stress resistance and immunity. These modules can be useful for professionals who work in the education sphere, HR, rehabilitation medicine, and other social spheres of activity.

During training, participants will learn techniques that are easy to add to everyday life.

Each of the training is a separate part but a module of the entire practical course. All modules include basic and additional modules for professionals in the spheres of:
– Continuing adult education and HR department
– Children’s education, health care, and family support activities
– Rehabilitation, restorative medicine, and social service
– Nature, ecology culture, and healthy lifestyles.

1 module
Uniqueness and Interaction: personal growth through harmonious communication skills

2 module
Stress resistance: improving life resources by developing a culture of thinking

3 module
Life balance: consciously developing and coordinating spheres of activity

4 module
Proactive position: reduce helplessness by resource thinking and responsibility

5 module
Design: prismatic color based on nature to support health and life activity

6 module
The conscious development of neural connections: creativity and nature

7 module
The technology of Conscious Creativity in education


Workshops for parents

Daily life skills of Consciousness: seven happy habits

Where do Fairy tales live?

How to create Wizards’ Workshops?

Where the programs can be used?
– Companies
– Adult education centers
Universities, Institutes
Children’s centers, kindergartens, schools
– Home schools, daycare
Medical rehabilitation
Health lifestyle centers
Visitor centers, museums, galleries

– Non-profit organizations.

Who can provide this program as a trainer?
– HR specialist
– Consultant, coach
– Educator
– Teacher, tutor
– Parents, nanny
– Doctors, nurses
– Trainer
– Specialist in ecology and wellness
– Volunteers.

The spheres of collaboration’s training & seminars

– literature
art, craft creativity

health nutrition
yoga, pilates


Program providers

Joff Cowan
Administrator and training facilitator

Olga Verasen
Author, systemic coach, and trainer

Education resources © by Olga Darya Verasen
Systemic coach, educator, economist, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association, USA
Expert / Coaching Instructor / Trainer​ ECA, European Coaching Association, Germany

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