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Training is always a partnership because I am not a teacher. I also continue to study at Life’s University. At the same time, I have knowledge and experience as a consultant, trainer, and SI–coach.

System-Integrative coaching (SI–coaching) is a technology for the effective and harmonious development of all 4 spheres in life. We can be successful and happy, get strong business results, have excellent relationships in the family and with friends, love and enjoy life if we support the balance and development of all 4 spheres of life. This is the essence of my training programs: a harmonious balance of life spheres and continuous development and improvement.


Most of my program for the family. Each family creates the future for children and family also is continuous joint development and improvement.

The questions that I listen now, living on another half of our Earth are similar with the questions that I heard for many years in different regions and from different countries: Belarus, Russia, Finland, Germany, Sweden. When sometimes I hear the words “We are all different”, I smile and answer. “Yes, of course, each of us is unique and each family is unique and at the same time, you and I live in one house that has no borders. This is our Earth.” My experience connects with people of different generations and nationalities, volunteer’s work in the children’s department of a medical center in the last two year helped to feel that very deeply.

The bigger always become from the smaller . . .  The little rivers create a great ocean . . .
Each family can create a strong wonderful foundation for the future because family building the foundation of wonderful human value and building bridge between generation, nationality and different culture.

Over 20 year’s professional experience in creative workshops, programs for developing talents for unique abilities, experience and knowledge in biology, ecology, coaching and amazing happy mother’s experience of three children helped to create a system of interconnection.
Feelings – Emotions – Thinking – Actions – Result*

On this basis, I also create a system of training, develop programs, conduct training, and coaching sessions.

Most of my time now I invest in my books for the family. But at the same time, I ask myself. “If you have big experience, why you don’t share with parents what you have?”

Therefore, I opened this page “Training & coaching” where you can also find support the harmonious development of children.


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With love Olga Verasen 

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