Olga Darya Verasen
Charlotte, North Carolina, The United States of America

Programs and education courses author.
Educator, systemic coach, economist, and biologist.
Expert in ecology education, consciously developing, and wellness.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.

Licenses # 2021-LC-1056 Coaching Instructor / Trainer European Coaching Association (ECA)
Licenses # 2017-LC-1056 Systemic coach Expert Level (ECA)
Licenses # 911-15-2 ECA Systemic coach (ECA), Germany

– United Nations Volunteers
– European Coaching Association, Germany
– International Screenwriter’s Association, The United States of America
– The Children’s Writer Gild, The United States of America
– MutualArt, London, The United Kindom

Olga’s voice was formed by interactions with adults and children while developing their unique abilities and talent, health, and ecology culture. Over 20 years of professional experience supporting children and parents, students and teachers, and employees of companies from 15 countries.

Scientific and practice areas of activity
Resources for harmonious growth and development. Stress resistance and immunity: physical and mental public health.

  • Improving life resources by the development of neural connections.
  • Consciously developing life balance, and coordination of spheres of activity.
  • Proactive interaction based on progressive technology education and development.
  • Sustainable development by collaboration skills-based multicultural interaction and ecology culture.

Adult additional education
– Unique growing and developing of harmonious collaboration skills.
– Conscious development, life balance, and coordination of spheres of activity.
– Creativity to develop limitless thinking, unique abilities, and a proactive position.
– Effective management: the emotional intelligence of the leader.
– Increasing the company’s stress resistance by optimizing training. Modular principle.

– Culture and community development. Multicultural interaction. Long-term partnership.
– Search for effective solutions in non-standard situations: helplessness syndrome and active position.
– Systematic development of personnel and company activities.
– Efficiency of activity and balance of spheres of life. Replenishment of vital resources. Wellness.
– Ecological culture and sustainable development. Business is based on human values ​​in unity with nature.
– Progressive technology of education and development. Systemic integrative coaching.

Early child education and health care
– Forming and developing the ecological culture of children by uniting humanitarian and natural science as ways of knowing the world.
– The harmonious development of the sensory system and feeling through creativity based on human values in unity with Nature.
– Developing proactive positions in the formation of conscious choices based on positive feelings: Feelings-Thinking-Action-Result.
– Conscious development of healthy lifestyle and communication skills through ecology culture.

Family health and ecology culture
– Harmonious relationships and raising children in unity with Nature.
– Conscious development of family values with harmonious social communication skills: I and I, I and You, I and World, World in Me.
– Development of family ecology culture based on a healthy lifestyle and human values in unity with Nature.
– Family creativity, figurative perception of the world, and choices for creative activities.

  • The current priority is a practical course
    “Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings.”

Olga’s background experience is based on scientific and practical activities in the fields of education, economics, ecology, business: leading economist, teacher, methodologist, college deputy director, National Park chief scientist, director of the educational eco-center, a leading trainer, and program developer in the education department of the companies, etc.

Over 20 years of scientific and practical activities in the fields of education, economics, ecology, business: leading economist, teacher, methodologist, college deputy director, National Park chief scientist, director of the educational eco-center, a leading trainer and program developer in numerous company HR departments, etc.

Main responsibilities: development and implementation of training programs, project activities, organization of educational courses, seminars, training, optimization of the training systems, development and implementation of educational courses for students, and advanced training courses for education institutes, children and ecology centers, companies and finance groups, etc. Publishing House by Olga Verasen LLC activity: children’s and family books, artworks, and other “Happy Home” resources.

The author and participant of the volunteer projects on sustainable development, children’s education, children’s health, development of harmonious relations between children and parents, support for positive prismatic color interior design, family book reading from the year 2000 to the present for schools, children centers, hospitals, non-profit organization activities.

– ECA Expert Level, Licenses “Coaching Instructor / Trainer (ECA)”, Systemic coach, European Coaching Association (ECA), Germany based on over 20 years of professional activities, 168-hour of coach training, two additional 168-hour of related training, Master’s level academic degree, and 168-hour original academic programing.

Certificates of Professional Compliance based:
– Systemic Integrative coaching of personality effectiveness, 70-hour course.
– The technology of individual Systemic Integrative coaching, 60-hour course.
– Group and Team Systemic Integrative Coaching, 60-hour course.
– International Academy of Business, “Practical psychology for Personnel Management”, 130-hour course.
– School of Business, “Progressive technologies of personnel and human resources management coaching”, 510-hour course.
– School of Creativity “Positive creativity and the development of individual uniqueness” 20-hour course.
– The series of training courses, including: “Staff Motivation”, “Effective management”, “Training Manager”, “Personal growth”, “Balance of Life”, 450-hour of coursework.
– Developing Ecology Visit Center. Training skills, 90-hour course.
– Certificates of Professional Compliance, World Message Federation, Greece.
Basic education:
– Belarusian State University, scientific and pedagogical research and production activities, 6-year BA/MA in Chemistry and Biology.
– Far Eastern State Agricultural University, 5-year BA & specialty level – Economics. Scientific-practical work in the field of territory sustainable development.

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