Field of activity

Economist, biologist, and ecologist

Scientific activity in the field of development of environmental education and ecological culture, harmonious development of the child’s personality in interaction with nature. Five years of Blagovechencky agricultural University economics program. Six years of Belarussian University program of biology, chemistry scientific and pedagogical activity.

Educator, coach

Over 20 years of professional experience of interaction with children and parents, students and teachers, employees of companies from 15 countries. International School of trainers and coaching.
Certificate of Professional Compliance of the European Coaching Association. Winner of the International Ecological Award “EcoWorld” for the creation and implementation of educational programs for the formation of ecological culture and harmonious development of children.

Writer, screenwriter

Author of 9 books and co-author of 2 books in three languages: Russian, Belarusian and English. Among the published works of more than 30 fairy tales, a novel, plays for the theater, screenplays, scenarios of children’s television programs. Laureate, winner, a nominee of international contests of books, performances, and screenplays (Belarus, Russia, USA).

Artist-creator of paintings and illustrations

More than 15 author exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, and the USA. Artworks are in private collections in 10 countries.

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Volunteer activities, Projects, Art Classes, Awards, Grants

2018 – the authors volunteer art-project “Artworks for the design of pediatric and mom’s rooms of the medical center”, University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, Vermont, USA

2017 – 2018 – Participated in the BCA volunteer project “Art from the heart” for children and parents at the University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, Vermont, USA

2017 – The author volunteer art project “Wall design for children room of Sara Holbrook Community Center”, Burlington, Vermont, USA

2007 – 2016 – The author and presenter of volunteer creativity classes for children & parents called “Wonderful Peace” & “Where the Fairy Tale live?” including participants from Belarus, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Finland

2011 – The author and presenter of children’s game-project for developing ecology culture, talent and emotional intelligence called “Magic formula” for participants from Russia and Belarus

2010 – The author and presenter of the volunteer program called “Developing children’s talent and ecology culture” for participants from Belarus

2009 – Award from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for authoring to “The upbringing of the highest moral values of children and adolescents”

2007 – “Eco World global educational project”, winner of International award “Eco World” for contributing to the development of children’s ecological culture. Authored “Forming and developing of ecological culture of children from united humanitarian and natural science ways of knowing the World”

2007 – The author and presenter of “Creativity art classes for students in college”, for participants from Belarus

2007 – Grant from the European Union’s Tacis Program for Sustainable Development of Territories, Belarus

2006 – 2007 – The author and presenter of volunteer art classes for the development of a child’s harmonious personality. Volunteer art classes were for parents and teachers and participants were from Belarus

2006 – Grant from United Nations Development Program for Sustainable Development of Territories, Belarus

2006 – The author and presenter of “System ecology education, forming a harmonious personality and ecological culture for college students”, for participants from Belarus

2004 – The author and presenter of the volunteer children’s ecology project “Sorochanskoye overall”, for participants from Belarus Grand Prix of International Awards of Ecology Projects.

Life’s beauty, wisdom, and happiness are reflected in the eyes of our children . . . We, adults, are responsible for what we bring to the world of childhood and what they create for their future. All my activity supports raising harmonious children and helps a family to create a solid foundation for a successful and happy life based on the best human qualities and family values.

With love, Olga Verasen