We provide the additional programs for health care and ecology culture based on over 20 years of scientistic and practical experience in the spheres of her activity

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Early child education, creativity activities, health care, and ecology culture
– Conscious development of the sensory system and feeling through creativity based on human values.
– Development of proactive positions by conscious choices based on positive feelings: feelings-thinking-action-result.
– Conscious development of a healthy lifestyle and communication skills through ecology culture.

Family health, harmonious relationship, and raising children in unity with Nature
 Conscious development of family values for forming harmonious communication skills of a child:  I and I, I and You, I and World, World in Me.
– Family development of a healthy lifestyle in unity with Nature.
– Family creativity, figurative perception of the world, and multiple choices for creative activities.

Stress resistance and immunity: physical and mental public health
–  Conscious development of positive feelings based on human values in unity with Nature: Feeling-Thinking-Action-Result
– Adding prismatic color to support stress resistance and life-balance
– Development of creativity to support life balance, realizing unique abilities, and forming active healthy-life position.

Our target audience

1) professionals who are helping various social groups in the fields:
– additional children’s early education
– social sphere and support for the elderly
– rehabilitation and restorative medicine
– HR departments of companies

2) parents who want to support the harmonious raising and health of their children 
3) individuals who want to improve their balance of life spheres. 

Where the programs can be used?
1. Medical rehabilitation, health lifestyle, and massage centers
2. Children’s centers, kindergartens, schools, home schools, daycare
3. Visitor Centers, museums, galleries.

Who can provide this program as a trainer?
1. Education centers
2. Universities, Institutes.

4. Non-profit organization for support public health and social activity for the development community.

The current priority

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The practical course:
“Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings.”
– Basic program – 2 days – each day 7 hours.
– Workshops – each 4 / 8 hours, as additional support of the practical course for different target audiences
: professionals who are helping various social groups in the fields; parents, and individuals.

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The creativity studio,
based on a practical course.
“Wizard Workshop” children, families, adults
To create additional conditions for the harmonious development of personalities and support health: the organization creativity space; materials and visual aids supporting the activities; masterclasses, training with participants and facilitators; post-training consulting and assistance.

About the practical course

Much attention is paid to the development of skills for conscious choice based on ecological culture and human values. This experience can provide additional support to improve the health of broad sections of society.

– Most activity in our society is focused on results, while feelings remain without conscious development. However, low consciousness in the development of a harmonious inner world creates an imbalance with the outer world and is often the cause of both mental and physical health problems.

The practical course is based on the deep interconnection of neural connections with conscious development of the sensory system and feeling.

Much attention is paid to the formation of choices based on positive feeling: Feelings-Thinking-Action-Result.

– The situation in which the world finds itself now needs additional support to strengthen the vital life human resources, especially supporting stress resistance and health. 

The progressive technologies of education practical course

– Basic program – 2 days – each day 7 hours
– Master program – 1 day – 7 hours

Additional programs

Colorful Design for support health and activity
companies, children’s centers, hospitals, visitor centers.

Harmony development, uniqueness, and talent
children centers, kindergartens, and schools.

Activity effectiveness
Self-regulation and health

HR of companies, education centers, universities, colleges

Participants will have

– certificate of professional development
– certificate of participation

The spheres of collaboration’s programs


health nutrition

art, craft creativity

Program providers

Olga Verasen
Author of the program and trainer

Olga’s professional experience

Joff Cowan
Administrator and training facilitator

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