Short Notes   

Step by step, I will publish on this page short notes. They reflect my experience and also what I continue to develop now in my books.  I hope it can support you in raising your children. Welcome!                               

With love Olga Verasen

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  • If we teach our children to forgive, we help them to create a happy and successful life. We can teach that if we learn to forgive our children and forgive own self . . .


  • When we notice the beauty of Nature, we develop unity with the world. If we have unity with our world we have no limits in our own world inside . . . We can learn to do that with our children together 🙂

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  • If we learn to listen to own heart, we can hear the hearts of our children . . . 


  • Winter . . . Grey sky . . . I see that and smile . . . We create our life like the painting . . .  We can just take bright colors . . . 

“just moment of time”, 10″ x 8″

  • (from the next book “Golden Palace. Way of Ruler”)
    – Why does the Old Apple Tree want to give us everything that she has? 
    – Because trees love us . . .
    – Can we love as trees?
    – We are learning to love . . .


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