Screenplays & plays

I penned my very first play in my mom’s kindergarten . . .

The actors were 4 and 5 years old and I was 9 years of age. The play was a great success and soon our group of actors was invited to other kindergartens 🙂

But I never thought about writing plays for professional theater as I was always very busy. I studied at the second university, worked at a school and at the same time I am a mother of three little active children with many questions “Why?”

One day the theater director by chance read a few of my fairy tales. He found my phone number and called me first thing . . . He said, “Good morning! I wish you a wonderful day! I wish that you would take the time and write a few lines for a play” Although I had no time for normal bedtime . . . But I somehow did it . . . Three days later I gave him the manuscript and the director said. “I congratulate you! Today is the last day for submitting plays for the children’s.” This play received the special prize “Angel”. . .

When I was awarded this prize, I heard a question from one of the so famous participants of the jury. “I can’t believe that you have no education as a screenwriter! How did you do write that?” I said. “I just wrote what my heart feels.” In response, I heard. “I wish your stories go to adults and children in different countries of the World because they are about what is important for everyone.”

Then I wrote another play and it had a successful theater run. Then there were scripts for film and children’s programs for TV. I don’t know when I wrote them . . .  But I think if we love what we do, we will always find the time.

Everything that I do is from my heart . . . Of course, there is education and experience, and at the same time, a little girl always lives in me who looks at the World with admiring eyes . . . I’m happy to share it with you . . . 

I have a dream . . . My dream sees my fairy tales and my novel “Golden Palace. Way of Ruler” as films and plays for theater . . . I have the first experience, results and the warm words from many people to inspire me. But my dream is not only for me . . . If my stories support happiness for children & adults in our World I will be so happy . . . This is my dream.

With love Olga Verasen

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