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2016 – London Book Fair, UK

About us

We create books recognizing the value of childhood. We have energy, great big content for children and parents and a vision for development. We grow and develop, step by step, opening up new opportunities in what and how we create. We understand that the best is always created by people from Heart-to-Heart with a team of like-minded people. With love Joff and Olga.

Joff Cowan – Managing Director of company Olga Verasen LLC
Olga Verasen – Creative Director. Author

Our mission

2019 – Williston, VT, USA

Publishing Books of Value to support parents raising their children on the basis of family values, the highest human qualities, and conscious harmony with nature.

Message from Joff

I am the proud husband and business partner of Olga Verasen. I am fascinated and empowered by Olga’s wisdom and humor. As more and more of her Belarusian and Russian content is revealed to me, I understand what a treasure is her “Heart-to-Heart” messages. They appear in many forms; fairy tales, illustrations, paintings, crafts, theater-screen-TV plays, novels, books, and more!

The common thread is a “Heart-to-Heart” approach, drawing from all the positive human values that are foundational to a happy life. It is with great joy that I commence on a journey to support, develop and spread the message of building “Heart-to-Heart” relationships with children!
With genuine delight, Joff Cowan

Values of Fairy Tales for families

Help parents in harmonious parenting of their children
– the heroes become friends who easily convey to children important truths of human values.

Promote talent and unique personal ability of the child
– expand creative thinking, help them to see their talents and abilities, and develop their dreams.

Strengthen a sincere relationship between children and parents
– create a space of collaboration, empathy, listening and speaking from the heart to the heart.

Strengthen a proactive attitude and resourceful thinking
– develop skills to use capabilities, learn new things, and find new solutions to challenging situations.

Support the development of the best family traditions
– develop the best human qualities and family values: love, gratitude, respect, and caring for each other.

Develop self-confidence and communication skills
– strengthen awareness of the personal value and the values of others by developing openness, and tolerance.

Connect with Nature through heroes and events
– contribute to the harmonious development of feelings and the ability to see Nature’s beauty and wisdom.

Create the foundation for leadership and responsibility
– develop the courage to follow their own dreams, to set priorities and take responsibility for decision-making.

More about Tales

Tales became the basis of 9 books, programs, audio and film scripts, plays for the theater and has received recognition at national and international competitions:

– Republican competition of publications on environmental topics, prizewinner, 2006, Belarus
– International competition of plays for children “Where do fairy tales live?”, prizewinner, 2006 Belarus
– International Prize “Eco World” 2007, prizewinner, Russia
– International Play Competition, Los Angeles Theater & ScreenCraft Stage PlayCompetition, finalist, 2019, USA
– International Screenwriting Competition ScreenCraft & BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo Productions, finalist, 2019, USA
more about

Based on an exciting plot and fairy tales, I created the international quest “Magic Formula”, in which more than 300 children took part.

Over 10 copyright exhibitions of Olga’s illustrations gave rise to the master class “Where do fairy tales live?” which was attended by over 500 children, parents, teachers from different countries.

In the 2020 year

Books from the series:
— Magic Fairy Tales for children and parents
— Adventures Little Bird Why
— Happy Home
— Planet Big Heart
— Family Creativity
— Home Theater
— Books for parents “Where can I find Happiness for my Child?”
And also:
— Diary for parents
— Diary for children
— Calendars “Happy children & parents”
— Calendar “Happy Colors of Time”
— Coloring books for children and parents
— Books-quests “Magic Formula”, “The X-Files”, “Magic Crystal”, “Magic Box”


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