All parents want the best for their children . . .

I began to create the first of my stories for my three children. I wanted my heroes to become friends to them and help create a solid foundation for a successful and happy life based on the best human qualities. I also wanted to give my children a sense of life’s beauty and wisdom.

My stories helped to develop all these values in my children. They also supported awareness of their own uniqueness, the uniqueness of everyone who lives on Earth and an understanding that our planet is one home for everyone who lives on it.

I create my stories with my heart …

And I continue to tell these stories because for me all the children on Earth are our children . . .

And for me, it is so important who will sustain our Earth. This is our Home where you and your family, I and my family, and all present and future generations will live . . .

“Magic Fairy Tales for children & parents” series (ages 3 – 9) >>>

“Happy Home” series (age 3+) >>>

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With love Olga Verasen

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