the project “Light from the Heart

I am a writer and artist. Happy wife, mother of three, and grandmother of two. Author of 160 artworks for private collections in 10 countries. The basics of all that I create is peace in the heart and realization that we create the best when we create with love for people, and with people. . .

In paintings and illustrations, I use a unique multilayer technique. Bright colors reflect light that supports the inner world’s harmony with life’s energy.

I have studied the power of words and colors for many years. Love, and awareness of the value of human qualities, create the beauty of words and colors that carry special energy. This energy is the wisdom of life and the harmony of nature. I think the time will come when we will pay more attention to the relationship between our world and our heart. We cannot isolate ourselves from everything in our world, but we can develop a strong immunity by nurturing our best human values. What is inside, will be realized outside.

My husband and I are starting a new project. “Light from the Heart”. This collection is now available as high-quality prints on different surfaces: traditional archival paper or canvas as well as the non-traditional surfaces of metal and acrylic.  We have partnered with Fine Art Printing America to provide high-quality museum-quality prints with worldwide delivery. Original, from the seven collections of the “Light from the Heart” project, are also available for purchase. Let the joyous artwork support beauty, warmth, and the harmony of love in your home!

We named this project “Light of the Heart” because we believe that the light of love is in each of us, and no matter how dark the time may seem, the light of love of the heart is brighter. Let the power of word and color support this light in your home! Welcome to the gallery!

From my heart to your heart

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