Dear Parents!
I am happy to share with you those experiences as articles, podcasts and video recordings that I will be making available to you right here in my website.

On this page, I will continue to post my publications.
I will be glad if they help you with enabling happier relationships within your family and support the harmonious education of your children.

If we parents only consume knowledge but do not apply it, we will remain where we were before or will move toward the knowledge at the speed of a wise turtle.

Not applying knowledge is neither good or bad, it is a choice. However, children grow fast . . . And actions speak much louder than words. Our children feel this.

So, we can know a lot, but if we do not apply it to our lives, nothing will be improved as a result of our knowledge.

That is why in each article there are practice sets which I have found effective in my experiences as a teacher, coach, trainer, and mother.

  • Concepts
  • Practice Scenarios

On the “Short notes” page, you can also find jottings about parent-children relationships. I hope they will also be useful to you.

If you see a colored heading for the article, then the article is ready and waiting for you.
Leave your comments in the reviews, ask questions, write wishes: what is most important and useful for you at the moment.
With love, Olga Verasen

Articles, including which will appear in the near future:

Uniqueness, talents and abilities

  • About creativity
  • About color, artwork and more
  • About black lines and creating boxes
  • The secret power of creativity and lifetime success
  • Secrets of thinking outside the box
  • On the power of creativity and self-realization
    . . .

Harmonious development of a child’s personality

  • Happiness for children
  • About fairy tales, genius, and much more
  • Strange Formula and the magic mirror
  • About communication skills with peers and more
  • The power of words and the value of books
  • About motivation and the desire to learn new things
  • About the ability to dream and achieving them
  • On the spheres of life and balance
  • About balancing “I want” and “I must”
    . . .

Parent-child relationship

  • Happy habits for children and parents
  • About making mistakes and more
  • About the attitude, position, and relationship with a child
  • How to make friends with “I don’t want!”
  • Strange rules for parent-child relationships
  • How to stop being afraid of negative influences
  • Secrets of developmental periods
    . . .

Personal development of parents

  • The law of communicating between children and parents
  • Conscious Motherhood
  • About fathers and children
  • Driving Rules for Advanced Grandparenting
  • Where to find time for a child
  • About prioritization and more
    . . .

Personal values ​​and family

  • On the power of gratitude and success
  • About generosity and more
  • About love, freedom of choice and much more
  • About personal boundaries and empathy
  • About kindness and mutual support
  • About family traditions
    . . .

Nature and health

  • Nature and Feeling
  • Seasons and personality
  • Plant’s world and our health
  • About emotions and the moment “here” and “now”
  • The amazing world of the cell; it is complicated
  • The sensor system of feelings and happiness
    . . .

Short notes about . . .