Fourth secret: be free to allow your child to be free.

Why is this secret important?

  • Our children are not our property.  We don’t own them.

(Excerpt from the manuscript “Where to Find Happiness for Your Child” ©)

We can only share what is in ourselves . . .

All the best that we create in a relationship is the result of personal development and improvement. That’s why a family also needs to be constantly developing and improving. 

Nature’s law of evolution also applies to family relationships.

In my practice, I have never met parents who said, “Yes! I want my child to grow up unhappy and unsuccessful.” 

Even parents acting with good intentions can limit a child’s freedom by imposing their own limitations. 

A child can create their own happiness and success if they are given the freedom to create their own Master’s position.

If we do not develop the position of Master in our own lives, we become slaves to fears.  A slave can turn into a dictator to those around them, to their children and, above all, to themselves.

  • Allow your child to be free so they can be Masters of their own life.


Practice being free to allow your child to be free

Ask yourself, “Is this how I would like to be treated?”
And “How would I feel if I were talked to like this?”
To put yourself in the shoes of your children, imagine yourself, standing two feet tall, looking up.
How do you feel? Have the patience to listen to your heart.

The value of the practice

– Supports realize own uniqueness and uniqueness your child.
– Develops Master’s Position.

Happy Home opens his door. Fairy Tales thank Happy Home for his warmth and care and, one by one, spread their brightly colored wings, and rise into the big blue sky.

(Excerpt from the fairy tale “Happy Home” )

Parents-child relationships – Four Secrets
Let’s summarize

I shared with you the Four Secrets of a Heart-to-Heart relationship with your child which was developed from my personal and professional experiences.

Why did I name them secrets?

Because they are actually close to us at every moment. They only need to consciously recognized as important to learn and use them. The small practices that I shared with you will help you use them.

They are simple, powerful and will resonate with the wisdom of life once you start using them.

Family relationships, as Life, are constantly developing.  These practices will help that development lead to improvements in your family relationships! Only knowledge that is followed by conscious action, will lead to change.

Just do it! May my books also become your assistants in improving your Heart-to-Heart relationship with your child!

With love, Olga Verasen