Third Secret: be sensitive but first listen to yourself

Why is this secret important?

  • If we hear own selves, we can hear own children

(Excerpt from the manuscript “Where to Find Happiness for Your Child” ©)

In response to my question: “What helps you achieve such incredible successes and conduct business on a vast territory,” one of my friends, the owner of a large construction company, said, “You see, I always have the little boy who looks at the world with delighted eyes. I love him, because while he is alive, I am alive . . . And he helps me understand my children. “

  • Strong relationships are always created on the basis of ability listen to own heart and listen each other from the heart.
    And . . .
  • A happy person creates a life according to their heart and takes responsibility for what their heart creates.


Being sensitive but first listening to yourself

Listen to yourself through your heart.
Ask yourself the question: “What do I really want? What do I really want in this moment?”

Be patient and give yourself time for your heart to answer: “ Why is this secret important? ”

Now share the experience of your wonderful discoveries after answering the question, “What do I really want”, with your child.

Your child will understand . . .  Then ask your child, “What do you really want?” Ask them to be patient and give themselves time to listen to their heart.

The value of the practice

– Improve ability listen to own heart
– Supports parents and children listen each other and speak on the language of the heart
– develops proactive Master’s position.

“But I can’t play like you!” exclaimed young Grasshopper.
Grandpa Grasshopper nodded knowingly and said, “It isn’t necessary. Everyone has their own Song to play.”
“If everyone has his own song,” asked young Grasshopper, “Why do our neighbors listen to you every evening?”
“To hear yours after . . .” responded Grandpa Grasshopper.

Puzzled, young Grasshopper thought for a while and then asked with a shake of his head, “What do you mean?”
“Everyone has their own Song in their heart, but sometimes this song is so quite they can’t hear it.” Grandpa Grasshopper said.

“Does your Violin help them hear their heart’s song?!” young Grasshopper exclaimed with excitement.
“I hope so!” Grandpa Grasshopper said with a smile.
“Are all songs from the heart the same?” young Grasshopper said with growing interest.
“No, our songs are all different!” Grandpa Grasshopper answered.

Young Grasshopper was silent for a while again. Then he carefully touched the Violin and timidly asked, “Grandpa . . . Tell me please, what will my song be?”
“About what your heart sings.” Grandpa Grasshopper answered with a smile and hugged young Grasshopper.

(Excerpt from a fairy tale “Grasshopper and Violinfrom the book “Magic Fairy Tales for children and parents”)

Parents-child Heart-to-Heart relationship – open Fourth Secret!