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Outdoor Art Classes for adults

I am an adult . . . Hmm, this appears to be true . . . I have kids with 29, 28, and 23 years, and two grandkids with 5 and 2.5 years. But I am also a child in my heart who dreams, asks many questions and is in awe of the natural world.
I believe in miracles because I believe that miracles come from the heart.
Why am I writing this?

Sometimes we intuitively want to create something but leave it for the future.  Sometimes we forget about our own value . . . Creativity presents us the opportunity to connect with our inner child, develop a Master Position and create our own life from a position of strength, freedom,
love, and beauty. When we create from the heart, we open an amazing world that has no limits.

The situation with COVID-19 changes our outer world, but it doesn’t have to change our inner world when illuminated by our hearts. Strengthening the light from our heart with creativity supports the harmony and balance of our inner world.  In turn, a balanced and harmonious inner world supports a strong and robust immune system. This is why I am offering Outdoor Art Classes to share my experience as an artist who creates to support my balanced and harmonious inner world.       

  • Social and health responsibility, COVID -19
    I provide masks, sanitizers, and gloves. All participants will be located at safe distances from each other.
  • Location
    Symphony Park, 4400 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC
    See the map here >

    And  🙂  . . .
    I will not be a Teacher and you will not be a Student. We will be together on a journey of creativity. I will share my experience to support and encourage your Creative Way.

    This isn’t an Art Lesson . . . This is Art from the Heart . . .

“The Secret of Light”

Acrylic on canvas or panel
with multilayers’ sunlight technique

“Whatercolor’s Journey”

Watercolor on dry and wet paper
with mixed author’s technique

Any questions about Art Classes – contact