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About the company

We are a new company like a child who was born but we have energy, vision, and big content for children and parents.  Step, by step, we open possibilities for growth and understand all that we create we create for people and with people.

Our mission

Create tools for a family to:

  • raise harmonious children and realize their unique abilities
  • build a solid foundation based on the best human qualities and strong family values: Love, Gratitude, and Respect
  • create the best future by building bridges of mutual understanding between different generations and cultures
  • develop of life’s beauty and wisdom, awareness of their own uniqueness and the uniqueness of everyone on our Earth

Our activity


  • Books Publishing  
  • Sale                                      – Books 

                                                        Prints: wall design, greeting cards

  • Art exhibition
  • Creativity Workshops

 In process

  • Programs for parents
  • Programs for children
  • Quests for family, children, parents


  • Audio Books
  • Video Books
  • Gift books
  • Family Games
  • Toys

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