We are creating and optimizing National Park’s visit and ecology center programs to support an ecology culture and healthy lifestyles.

We support centers by developing additional education resources for different visitor groups in the directions:
– harmonious growth and development based on human values in unity with nature
– stress resistance and immunity: physical and mental public health.

What we do
– analyze the center’s uniqueness
– provide proposals mindful of the center’s vision
– create a concept and proposal for the center’s activity for visitors
– discuss the best options
– develop content
– realize content transfer to the center
– maintenance support.

Our content
– the program – online/offline
– design of outdoor and indoor activity: ecology interactive spaces
– other activities: quests, games, events both online/offline.

Target audience
– families, individual and visitor groups
– continuing education groups.

We provide a program of seminars, training, and workshops for specialists

1. Centers of culture, ecology, and nature
– Visit centers
– Ecology centers
– Museums.
2. Adult education & development of human resources:
– HR departments
– University departments
– coaches and trainers
– additional education centers.

3. Early child education and health care:
– kindergarten, pre-school, home school
– afterschool activities including sport and creativity.
4. Rehabilitation and restorative medicine.
5. Non-profit and profit social service and supporting of groups of society:
– elderly
– higher social risk groups
– people in stressful situations.

Our sphere activity

Adult continuing education

– Unique growing and development of harmonious collaboration skills.

– Conscious development, life balance, and coordination of spheres of activity.

– Adding prismatic color to support stress resistance and life activity.

– Life resources by the development of sensory system and feelings.

– Creativity to develop limitless thinking, unique abilities, and proactive position.

– Conscious development of neural connections in unity with Nature.

Early child education and health care

– Forming and developing the ecological culture of children from uniting humanitarian and natural science as ways of knowing the world.

– The harmonious development of the sensory system and feelings through creativity based on human values in unity with Nature.

– Developing proactive positions in the formation of conscious choices based on positive feelings: feeling-thinking-action-result.

– Conscious development of healthy lifestyle and communication skills through ecology culture.

Family health and ecology culture

– Harmonious relationships and raising children in unity with Nature.

– Conscious development of family values for forming harmonious social communication skills of a child: I and I, I and You, I and World, World in Me.

– Development of family ecology culture based on healthy lifestyle and human values in unity with Nature.

– Family creativity, figurative perception of the world, and choices for creative activities.

Consulting expertise is based on Olga’s experience

– the program “Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings.”
– the science and practical activities include: Chief Science Officer for a National Park, Director of the Visitor and Ecology Center, and her education degrees and licenses.

Program and course author© by Olga Darya Verasen

Systemic coach, economist, and biologist. Expert in ecology education and public health.
Programs and education courses author. Writer, screenwriter, and artist.

Membership ECA, European Coaching Association, Professional Association of Professional Coaches in Europe, Germany
Licenses # 2021-LC-1056 Coaching Instructor / Trainer European Coaching Association (ECA)
Licenses # 2017-LC-1056 Systemic coach Expert Level (ECA)
Licenses # 911-15-2 ECA Systemic coach (ECA)


We will be happy to support National Park visitor and ecology centers’ activities. This activity develops a strong basis for ecology culture and public physical and mental health, supporting our society through stress resistance, and public health in unity with Nature.
Education, development activity, and resources creation