From September 10 to October 1 we have the
ability to purchase a collection of artwork

The collection “Happy Color of Time” – 2019 year
Acrylic on canvas – multi-panel collection – 12 artworks
multilayers author “Sunlight” technique

A special proposal – print
With the purchase of a collection, you will be entitled to prints for the entire collection without restrictions on the number.

Open collection “Happy Colors of Time”

Legacy Fairy Tale Collection – 2006 year
Illustrations for “Fairy Tales for Children and Adults”

book with 30 fairy tales by Olga Verasen

A special proposal – print
Same as the “Happy Color of Time” Collection.  (See the first proposal)

A special proposal – books with these illustrations
With the purchase of a collection, you will also be entitled to have access to all editions of these books.
For more details ask for licensing agreement. 

Open the “Legacy Fairy Tale Collection

New illustrations collections – 2018 -2019
1. “Happy Home” – 15 artworks
2.”Bluebell’s Song” – 15 artworks
3. “Little Snowflake” – 15 artworks
4. “Bunny’s Dream” – 15 artworks

A special proposalprint & books with illustrations for each book
The same proposal as with “Legacy Fairy Tale Collection” – 2006 year above

Open new illustrations collections – 2018 -2019

Olga’s creativity activity