Illustrations for “Fairy Tales for Children and Adults” by Olga Verasen

From September 10 to December 10
we have the ability to purchase a collection of artwork
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Legacy Fairy Tale (2006) – 21 illustrations are available, 9 is in private collections

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These Fairy Tales were published, and are in homes of over 10,000 Belarussian, Russian, and English languages.  We are now preparing to publish them in other languages. The fairy tales books, and print illustrations, are available on all continents.

These fairy tales are also the basis of Stage Plays in Belarussian, Russian, and English. Some plays have been realized on the stage, a part of TV children’s programs, and radio programs. Other screenplays wait for their time. They have been accepted as one of the best screenplays for families in a professional screenwriter resource in a collection of 55000 submitted worldwide.
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Why is this information on this page?
The collection is special because these artworks are a symbol of a dream, and belief in yourself, that started in a small Belarussian village after I received 20 “NOs” from regional publishers.

“If you believe in your dreams, they will come true.” – from the fairy tale “Dandelion wants to fly”
These artworks have been participants in more than 40 art exhibitions and were also presented as a book at the International books fair. (more about here>)

You can ask me: “Why do you sell them?” Good question. I have listened many times to proposals to buy and have been a reluctant seller.  Even so, from 30 original legacy illustrations, 21 are now available now. But I answer you simply: “It is just the right time to let them fly!” New fairy tales are eagerly awaiting their time.

So, welcome! From my heart to your heart,
With love Olga

some Fairy Tales from the collection

A fairy tale “Bluebell’s Song”
in the “Fairy Tales for Children and Adults” collection, Bel, Rus, Eng

A fairy tale “Little Star”
in the “Fairy Tales for Children and Adults” collection, Bel, Rus, Eng

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