“How can I find happiness for my child?” series

(books for parents) 

Each of us is unique and each sees different ways in own life. And at the same time, there is something in common that unites all people on Earth. Each of us wants to be happy and all parents want to see their children happy . . .

But we cannot build a happy life for them. We can only teach them how to create a happy life. At the same time, we can be the best teacher for own children only when we share with them that we have and what we developing in own life . . .

A family is always continuous joint development and improvement.  I believe each family can create a wonderful foundation for own happy life and a great foundation for creating the best present and future in our world. This book is about how to do it.

For a long time, I could not find the name of what I had been doing for so many years. Creativity, harmonious development of children, positive perception of the world, awareness in choosing the best feelings and emotions, communication skills with the outside world, an emotional intelligence . . .

All these words contain quite a lot, but still, not everything I wanted to say in my books, articles, programs, speeches at conferences, projects, paintings. In the end, I gave the name to all that I did – the project “The World in me”, basing Tekkerey’s words “Peace is a mirror from which your own image is looking at you”. But the time came when my wise husband, Joff, said. “This is Emotional Happiness.” These two words of his “Emotional Happiness” brought together all my experience and knowledge in biology, pedagogy, coaching skills, creative experience and, of course, the amazing experience of a mother of three, now adults, children.

I will be happy if what you read on these pages gives you important tools to teach children to create a happy life. I will be glad to see feedback from you on my site and if you have any questions, I will be glad to share with you my knowledge and experience.

The first book of the series will be published in June (Ebook & print book)


  • The content of “How to find Happiness for your child?” series

Book -1 “About feeling & emotions. How to choose the best?”

From the author

Chapter 1. About happiness & a big world

Chapter 2. Strange algorithm & Magic Mirror  

Chapter 3. Nature & feeling

Chapter 4. Fairy tales & talent

Chapter 5. Creativity & success

Chapter 6. How to teach a child to choose the best feeling & emotions?

Chapter 7. Daily calendar

  • This year will also be published several books from the entire series:

Book – 2  “About awareness, the ship, and the captain. How to teach a child to think?”

Book – 3 “About actions, black lines, borders, and restrictions.  How to teach a child to be brave?”

Book – 4  “About the dream, responsibility, and owner position. How to teach a child to achieve their dreams?”

Book – 5 “Where do fairy tales live? On the power of words, fairy tales and storytellers.” 

Book – 6  “About creativity & skills of communications. How to build the bridge between the two banks? “

Book – 7 “Continuous joint development and improvement. How to create a home-happy-parents academy?”

Book – 8  “Practice-box experience.”

With love Olga Verasen

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