Hello dear children and parents! Nice to meet you!

My name is Olga Verasen. I am an author of books for the family, educator, coach, artist, and mom, grandmother, and child at heart 🙂
For over 20 years I have been comprehending the phenomenon of love and creativity and support children and parents to harmoniously develop talents and of Heart-to-Heart family relationships.

Each of us has a boundless world, filled with the beauty and wisdom of life . . .
Opening in the heart sincerity, love, gratitude, respect, we share them with each other in the family.
Hearing ourselves, we can hear others. Trusting the heart, we create trusting relationships.
Accepting our own uniqueness, we can see and realize our talents and support each other in this.
Realizing our unity with Nature, we develop in ourselves the strength of health and energy of life and support others learn this.

Heart-to-Heart relationships create an amazing space of interaction in the family that does not know age and distance. A happy family begins with each of us because we can only share what we have. Developing the Heart-to-Heart relationships, we children and parents consciously create our own happiness in life and create a happy family.

For my lovely husband Joff and I, these words came from life experience and awareness of the value of childhood. We believe that a happy family creates a happier world. Therefore, we are developing the Heart-to-Heart project and are happy to share with you what we create with joy and love in the heart. There are books, audio recordings, masterclasses, plays for the home theater, games for you on the site. In posts, articles, and notes, you will find answers to parental questions, and you can also ask your own question.

Welcome to the website! May these resources become your support for happy interactions in your family!
With love, Olga

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“Happy Color of Time” gift-calendar

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