Welcome to the “Happy Home” project!

The foundation of this project started with our childhood experiences and has stayed with us. This foundation has been supplemented by life experience and a conscious understanding of family values.
If what you read on this page resonates with your heart, welcome to collaboration!
With love, Olga & Joff  

  • What is the “Happy Home” project mean?

The “Happy Home” project are activities supporting parents and children to develop together.
– a mutual understanding, a trust relationship, and the ability to work together as a team
– positive feelings, a harmonious inner world, and a healthy lifestyle
– the uniqueness of personal ability and talent, respecting the uniqueness all humans
– borderless thinking, the courage to create, and to create consciously: WHAT and WHY am I creating?


For many of us, the question isn’t where to buy a children’s book, it is WHAT to buy? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every family had more books that were passed from generation to generation because of their value?
We publish and develop:
– “Magic Fairy Tales” rainbow series, with 49 fairy tales picture and 7 fairy tale reading books.
– “Where can I find happiness for my child” series for parents
– “Family creativity” series
– “Home theatre” series
– Other printed material: diary, calendars, map-games.
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TV Puppet Show “Happy Home”

Everything that your children view on the TV screen has an energy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more programs were devoted to positive energy that gave children and parents experiences to develop together?
We have scripts, and the experience, for producing:
– A weekly half-hour program with storytime and creative workshops featuring Fairytale puppet heroes Jeffrey and Big and Small mice.
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Family Creativity Club

Creativity opens limitless abilities, helps children to see their own uniqueness, and reinforces belief in themselves. When we parents create with our children, we develop skills to create a happy family.
We have, and continue to develop audio/video family content:
– Wizard’s Workshops for children and parents uses 7 branches of creativity: Handmade book;  Handmade toys;  Home design;  Nature craft; greeting card & gifts;  nature craft;  paintings
– Creativity Program “World in me”: a series of half-hour programs for parents and children
– Bedtime Stories: audio fairy tales.
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Artwork for Home Design

When we invite to our Home colorful positive artworks, we invite wisdom, beauty, and strength in life. This type of art enhances our health by strengthening our immune system and supporting the harmonious balance of our inner world.
We have and continue to create original artwork.  We also provide the opportunity to order museum-quality prints from a collection of over 100 pieces of artwork.  These collections include paintings and illustrations for Home design, with emphasis on children’s rooms.
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  • Who is the participant “Happy Home” project?

The main group is families: parents, grandparents with children
All content is developed for the priority age of children 3-7, but all art family programs are flexible, have resources, and can be interesting and useful for younger as 3 year age and older from 7 years to teenage age children.
Other groups of participants
Participants who want to develop their own creative skills and then share their practice experience with children: teachers, students of early children’s educations, and nannies.

  • What we have for realizing this project?

– published fairy tales books
– collections of illustrations and artwork, both original and prints
– home theater stage play scripts
– video screenplay scripts
– huge content for new books.

– website and blog (WordPress.com) and internet stores (Woo Commerce, Amazon )
– workflow for book publishing and art printing including fulfillment in the United States and Europe (Amazon, Ingram, FineArt America)
– a system to maintain connections with customers: (MailChimp, Ultimate Membership)
– social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

– 20 years of practical experience in education and connecting with children and parents
– production of plays for theater, TV Show programs for children 3+, 5+, 9+, family radio programs
– realized over 50 art and education programs for children and parents
– practice experience over 20 realized author exhibitions
– 20 years of experience in organizing creative workshops, studios, school teacher, exhibitions
– am a parent and grandparent
– more than 30 years of business experience.

Intellectual property rights
All programs, artwork, books, screenplays, and plays for theater are created by Olga Verasen.
All content is officially Copyright by Olga Verasen, registered in The United States Copyright Office and The Writers Guild of America, West, Inc.
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  • What is important in developing this project now?
    To develop a team of partners and professionals who have a vision and realize the value of childhood and family and are ready to develop this project together for high-quality results.

– If what you read on this page resonates with your heart, you are welcome to collaborate! Ask any questions, and we will happy to respond.

– To support the “Happy Home” project, we are also selling a big part of our artwork collection of the “Happy Home” Gallery. A part of the proceeds will go support non-profit organizations supporting children and their families
Welcome to the “Happy Home project”!

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  • Why we want to realize the “Happy Home” project?

We realize a child’s uniqueness, that creativity basic human power, that family values are important, and that a harmonious connection with nature is fundamental. We have the ability to work in a team and we understand we create our best what we create for people and with people.
We believe the “Happy Home” project will be a wonderful support for families. A happier world from happy homes.

P.S. The pandemic situation changes our world. While a personal connection is ideal, we are also developing online options. Some activities can still be offered in-person optimized with health safety in mind. We believe there will be a time soon, when the “Happy Home” project can safely be offered in its whole in person and that these creative activities will be replicated around the world.
With love, Olga & Joff