Welcome to the “Happy Home” Family Project!

The foundation of this project started with our childhood experiences and has stayed with us. This foundation has been supplemented by life experience and a conscious understanding of family values.
If what you read on this page resonates with your heart, welcome to collaboration!
With love, Olga & Joff  

What does the “Happy Home” Family Project mean?

The “Happy Home” family project includes non-profit and profit activities that support sustainable social development by:
– Developing talents and unique abilities
– Consciously improving life balance, and health
– Developing multicultural interaction and ecology culture
– Applying progressive education technology.

The project activities are based on the program “Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings”, other education and development activities, and Happy Home resources.

Four Family Project directions

Happy Home Creativity Studio

Author education and personal development programs: creativity workshops for children, family activities, Happy Birthday parties, creativity quests, summer camps, etc

Time asks us how can we create the best to support childhood and family relationships. How can we support children to learn to build their own happy life, and what does happy life mean? How to improve immunity through the potential that everyone has. These and other important questions create the foundation of the Creativity Studio activity based on Olga’s 20 years of experience as an educator.
More about creativity workshops

Happy Home Gallery

Art family-friendly exhibitions, art prints, creativity events, gifts, and more
When we invite to our Home colorful positive artwork, we invite wisdom, beauty, and strength in life. This type of art enhances our health by strengthening our immune system and supporting the harmonious balance of our inner world. Creativity opens limitless abilities, helps children to see their own uniqueness, and reinforces belief in themselves.
More about the artwork collection & print
About creativity program

Family Books of Values

For many of us, the question isn’t where to buy a children’s book, it is WHAT to buy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every family had more books that were passed from generation to generation because of their value?
Our Publishing House has published and continues to develop multi-languages books for children and adults:
– “Happy Home Fairy Tales”
– “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” novel
– Picture books

“Rainbow series”, with 49 fairy tales picture and 7 fairy tale reading books.
– “Where can I find happiness for my child” series for parents
– “Family creativity” series
– “Home theatre” series, etc.
– Other printed material: diary, calendars, map games.

More about books
About Publishing House

Family Theather

Everything that our children see has energy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more video programs and stage activities were devoted to the positive energy that gave children and parents experiences to develop together?
More about stage and screenplays

Intellectual property rights of content

All content has been created by Olga Verasen and is officially Copyright by Olga Verasen.
– programs for development and wellness
– fairy tales books
– collections of illustrations and artwork, both original and prints
– family-friendly theater stage play and video scripts.

Why are we developing the “Happy Home” project?

We realize a child’s uniqueness, that creativity is based on human power, that family values are important, and that a harmonious connection with nature is fundamental.
We believe that the best is created with people for people. A happier world from happy homes.
With love, Olga & Joff