The Fairy Tales “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”


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This story is about an eastern boy and his family, golden seeds of wisdom and his lifelong search for happiness.
This story is fiction, but it is also many life stories that have a connection with real places and people from different eastern countries.

I want to tell you a little bit about the story of this book because this is also an amazing story. I started writing in Russian, “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” in 2012 and completed it in 2015. I didn’t know all the details story what I wanted to create. I just followed my heart.

Step by step in my life appeared people from different countries who shared with me their amazing life stories. I listened and admired them because they opened their heart and shared with me the wonderful beauty and wisdom of their life.

After looking for translators in Belarus, Russia, The United Kingdom, and The United States totally over 40 different translated excerpts, I translated this novel myself as a screenplay on English.
My husband Joff edited it. He is a businessman in the paper industry and while he doesn’t have professional experience in editing, he feels very deeply what I want to say to you as a writer. I have infinite gratitude to him from my heart.

I will be happy when this book helps build bridges of mutual understanding between different cultures and support all to find the golden seeds of wisdom in our world that open love and peace in the heart.
This story is also about our keys for happiness that you, I and everyone has in the heart . . .
And I hope you find what will be important for you and your children.

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With love Olga Verasen