Dear parents! On this page, I want to share with you some of my artwork and also some notes about . . .

Heart-to-Heart — Sometimes I hear, “Olga, it is incredible! How you can connect them all together? They are so different: books, screenplays, plays for theatre, programs for children and parents, science, consulting, coaching, business, and finally art.” Good question. In my world, I create from my heart to your heart . . .  It is studying then practice to get results. You can read more here.

Our feeling and results — My knowledge of biology, personality development, health through the lens of education, has taught me to understand how important what we consciously accept into our lives every day . . . What colors, what Nature, what positive feelings?   This is why I give so much attention to the design and illustrations of my books. Feeling-Thinking-Active-Results . . .

Colors and more — Every picture has a story and each word and color has a special energy . . . Colors help us to feel better and support our health. Colors activate own creative process in the inner world and help to open and realize own talent and potential.

Artist’s career — I never thought about myself as an artist. I just love to paint. But step by step, more than 15 author exhibitions came in and now artworks are in private collections in 10 countries. Some of my paintings were conceived as illustrations for my books for family reading before gaining an independent, separate life.

The energy of creativity — I pick up a brush, coat it with color, and listen to what my heart wants to tell. When I take brushes and colors, I don’t feel time. It is like an amazing river is flowing through me. I just follow the strong current of this river.

Art techniques — I use a multi-layer technique that allows me to preserve the beauty of the color shades I have chosen with it’s light shining from within.

Nature’s wisdom — All my paintings have a connection with Nature. Nature helps us realize its unity with our heart and being in the moment. This creates a special space that fills the heart with harmony and unity with the beauty and wisdom of our world.

With love, Olga

I always support schools, children’s centers, hospitals as a volunteer as a writer, artist, and coach. If I can support your community, let me know. 

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With love, Olga Verasen