I love sunlight and color . . .

I didn’t think of myself as an artist. I just feel colors and love to paint. Step by step, art exhibitions appeared and now more than 50 original works are in private collections decorating houses in ten countries. 

Colors support health, activate creative thinking and develop own unique abilities, talent. As result, the positive wall decor in our home or workplace supports our success and happiness. 
It is also so important for the harmonious upbringing of children. 

Feeling–emotion–thought–action–result . . . 

Some of my paintings were conceived as illustrations of my books for family reading, before gaining an independent life as separate paintings. Some were created as separate themes. I always remember that colors help to create the best feelings and as a result, happiness. 

The story of my paintings continues. 


With love Olga Verasen 

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Just Moment of Time

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Grasshopper Olga Verasen

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