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Books of Value for harmonious parenting  – fairy tales, book announcements, free resources for family reading, practical advice on developing a child’s interest in learning and self-development.

Development of talents and unique abilities of the child – the resources for developing your child’s talents and unique abilities.

Improving parent-child relationships – practical tips, responses to parents’ questions, resolving conflict situations, and creating a trusting relationship with your child.

Personal development of parents and children – the practice of personal growth and development, balancing the spheres of life, and self-regulation skills for parents and children.

Inspirations notes and funny drawings – answers to parents’ questions:
– what is a tip to eliminate being late for kindergarten, school, work?
– how can I prepare my children to timely and accurately prepare for school lessons and home responsibilities?
– what is the best way to share safety instructions to children at home?
– how can I cheer myself up while I’m on the go?

And many other “Why?” and “How?” parents’ questions.

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