It is an amazing joy we parents feel as we hold our little child in arms . . .

I also feel this joy as a mother. At the same time, it is a deep responsibility to raise a new little person who we have brought into the World. Our children trust us and our hearts feel this. We parents can create a better World for our children, filled with the best human harmonic qualities, and teach our children to create such a world for their own lives. This is their and our future . . .

Step by step my knowledge and deep understanding of childhood developed as I added the necessary educational, professional and life experience. The amazing wisdom and great experience of my mother have been a wonderful foundation. I have several generations of children’s teachers in my family and now I continue the best tradition of raising harmonious children. My daughter has finished university in the field of ecology and pedagogy and now, step by step, also developing this tradition as a mother of two children and author of children’s programs. Her wonderful parenting experience also is inspiring me to go forward and create the best that I can as a teacher, writer, and coach for parents and children.

On these pages, I will be happy to share with you my knowledge & experience gained as a mother, teacher, writer, trainer, and coach. 

I hope these pages will also be interesting for grandparents. Being a grandparent is a special and very important role. I also have a wonderful experience as a grandmother of both a granddaughter and grandson. I will be happy if my knowledge and experience support you in the harmonious raising of your children. 


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With love Olga Verasen

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