About creativity . . .

It is really doesn’t matter how “correct” all that we create in terms of artistic rules. It is important with what feelings and emotions we create it. I never set as my task to teach my participants to create masterpieces.

I always say “Enjoy what you do. Feel like a child who plays without thinking about the result.” We meet too many “good-bad” grades in life and we begin to wait for these grades and also give marks to ourselves, our families and especially children . . .

When we create and rejoice in the very process of creativity, we forget about grades … And then all the strength and beauty of our talents and possibilities open up in us. And we can use our unique ability in every sphere of our life.

If we have learned to do this, we can teach our children and grandchildren this . . . and we can share what we have in ourselves. The joy of creativity is what I feel myself and what I share with participants in my master classes.

You can see the first book “Family Creativity” in June.


With love Olga Verasen

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