Family Creativity Studio for parents and children 3-12

Why is Family Creativity important?
When we create together, we learn how to create the best in life together . . .

Family Creativity Studio supports
— the strongest foundation for developing the best human qualities
— a child’s ability to work together with parents in a team
— the skills of communication from mutual understanding and respect between parents and children
— the language of the heart. We share the practice of listening to our own hearts,  listening to the heart of others, and speaking from the heart.
— the courage to create.  If we want our children to create, they need more than desire, they need the courage to do it.
— personal responsibility.  We always see the results of what we create
— engagement with Nature through different activities.  Unity with nature is necessary for the harmonious upbringing of children and developing healthy communications with the world.

Seven activities Family Creativity Studio
• Handmade Toys
Handmade books
• Home design
• Craft from nature’s material
• Paper Craft
• Paintings
• Greeting Cards

More detail about Outdoor Creative Studio
“Family Creativity Studio” has two direction
1. “Magic Box”
2. “Wizard’s Workshops”

  •  “Magic Box” – is a basic beginner activity where participants choose and explore one or more creativity branches. The number of creative activities is unlimited so this activity can be experienced many times. The time – 2 hours.
  •  “Wizard’s Workshops” give an opportunity to develop one of the creativity branches more deeply:
    – Home Design & Nature Craft
    – Handmade Book
    – Handmade Toys
    – Paintings & papercraft

Wizard’s Workshops have 3 levels of complexity
– beginner
– progressive
– master
The variety of art activities for each step is unlimited so can be experienced many times.

  • Time for each activity – 2 hours.
    — The classes of Family Creative Studio are always in the park or place that connects with Nature.
    — Each art class is for 2 hours. Maximum participants – 2 families with one or two kids.
    — Each family has the ability to choose one from seven magic pockets with art supplies for one from each branch.
    — All creativity classes use simple techniques that can be easily mastered, as a team, by you and your child.
    — All the art supplies are included.
    — The result of the art class is ready artwork with your choice: Handmade Toys, or Handmade Books, or Home Design, or Nature’s Craft, or Paper Craft, or Paintings, or Greeting Cards.
    — The price of the art class for each Family participant – $30.

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Some examples of creative works