• Family Creative Studio — each Saturday 1-3 PM

in South Burlington City Hall >>>

Family can build the best foundation for creativity. When we create together we learn how to create the best in life together . . .

All creativity classes use simple techniques that can be easily mastered, as a team, by you and your child.

All art supplies included in the price. Payments are made at the class with cash or check only.

  • Price $ 25 each class (2 hours). These classes are priced per family. 


Books are a priority time of my activity now. I have huge content and I understand how important when we parents have kind books for the support of raising our children. I hope my books can also give you support.

At the same time, I love creativity classes and also understand how it important for developing children’s talent and developing of family’s communication. I am happy when my knowledge and practice experience support talent your children and support you to create the foundation for your children’s future. And when I listen and read these warm words from amazing family’s team that inspire me to create the best for all families . . .


P.S.  I have created art classes with families for more than 20 years . . . But maybe longer because I started teaching with my Mom when she worked in a kindergarten    After,  my home became a creative studio shared with my amazing two sons and daughter. Then high schools, college, children’s centers, museums, conferences, and more . . . Belarus, Russia, Germany, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and now, here in South Burlington, my new happy home.

Participants aged 3 to 85 years have enjoyed my art classes.  So these classes come from really big experiences   I love creative art classes! It is an amazing feeling! Creativity opens up the talent that we all have.  It is an amazing joy when parents and children speak to each other from the heart and work together as a wonderful team. And this is an amazing feeling about our wonderful Home-Earth where we all live together.

We may have a different climate, landscape, culture, traditions, and languages . . . But we have one language that we all can understand. This is the language of the heart. And this language opens Unity for all people . . .

With love Olga Verasen

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