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With love Olga Verasen

Some photos from the archive 🙂

Burlington, Vermont - 2018Burlington, Sara Holbrook Community Center, Vermont - 2018The letter from Sarah Hornbrook Center, volunteer support: books for children and wall decoration in kindergarten, 2018, Burlington, Vermont, USALondon's Books Fair, 2015Essex, Vermont - 2017Burlington, Vermont - 2018Minsk, Belarus - 2008The exhibition of Illustrations and fairy tales, 2007, Republic Museum of Ecology and Natural Resources, Minsk, BelarusMoscow, Russia - 2015The opening of the exhibition with Ninel Schastnoy, 2007, Minsk, BelarusBook Presentation 2017, Essex, Vermont, USABurlington, Vermont - 2017South Burlington, Vermont- 2019Essex, Vermont - 2017Art classes, 2015, Moscow, RussiaMaster class "Where fairy tales live", a seminar for teachers, 2010, ecology center, Moscow, Russia

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