• Creativity opens limitless abilities, helps to see their own uniqueness, and reinforces belief in yourself.

Happy to see you on this page! I will share with you my experiences in creativity that helped me keep freedom and joy in my life, helped me raise happy children and grandkids, and continue to support many adults and children to open their own unique Wizard’s world.

All my workshops connect with Nature because Nature and Creativity are always in unity. Nature is our amazing and wonderful example of harmony and continual life development. The history of all the beauty that people create in our World always has connections with Nature. Look around . . .
And . . . Did you, as a child, create fun toys? What about a Handmade book, Greeting Cards, Artwork, or your own unique Home Design?

Step by step, a video option of my Creativity Workshops and Art Classes will be available. Now we are opening Creativity Workshops in our city – Charlotte, NC. Also, you can find resources for family Creativity in our online Family Creativity Club, and I am happy to answer any of your questions about creativity. Welcome!
With love, Olga

August / September – Art exhibitions and “Sunlight” Workshops

Creativity for adults in Charlotte, NC

Family Creativity