I started to conduct art classes with children and parents more than 20 years ago which I continue to develop. Somehow, imperceptibly, the participants of my art classes have grown up! At their request, I began to conduct my Creative Workshops.

They give parents, grandparents good practice for:

— developing a strong family and developing the unique ability and talent of your children
— emotional relaxation, developing “uncovered” thinking, team-building, and family communication skills
— developing children’s creativity and supporting harmonious family relationships.

All my art classes connect with Nature. Nature is an amazing and  wonderful example of harmony and continuous life development. 
And . . . when we develop our creativity from nature, we always learn from the language of the heart . . .
This is an amazing language that everyone in our world can listen to and speak.
All creativity activities use simple techniques that are easily mastered, as a team, by you, and by your child. Each art activity event is 2 hours. All art supplies are included. On this page, is outlined some of my creative programs and expected results.

• Toys Workshop “My lovely Hero” 

Did you have a favorite toy in childhood? Perhaps a hero from a fairy tale?
When I see a big teddy bear, I feel in myself the amazing little girl who can feel our huge wonderful world with her open heart . . .
Did you create toys? I sewed toys with my Mom. There was a home theater where I staged performances with my children. I made many toys-gifts and it gave a lot of joy to those who received them and to me! Is it possible to measure the value of a toy we made for our children? That’s why I started the Toy Workshop . . .

Publisher Workshop “Handmade book”

Words are very important. It is important to create at least one book in your life . . . Why?
Handmade books give a special warmth. When we write down our own words they have their own special meaning for each of us and the book becomes magical . . .
There are many wonderful feelings can you experience when you make a handmade book. You can give to someone special feelings that reveal a different world. . .

• Design Workshop “My home”

We create our own Happy Home. All the things that we create with our own hands have a special warmth. It isn’t necessary to learn complex techniques either.
You can always use the magnificent design and materials that Nature herself has created. If you add to these bits and pieces easily found at a creativity store, you can create a masterpiece!
It can be a great excuse to invite friends to visit you because Happy Home is the house where Joy lives . . . When you give Joy to someone your home becomes even happier . . .

• Craft Workshop “Nature & Creativity”

Nature provides an opportunity to develop creativity in many ways. If we look at it, we can always find an amazing model for creativity. It can be a wall panel, picture frame, candlestick, vase, postcard and much more.
Such creativity develops a sense of our unity with Nature and an awareness of its value. It also develops a harmonious balance among the spheres of our life and has a positive effect on our health. The history of all the beauty that people create in our World always has connections with Nature. Just look around . . . 

•  Workshop “Where do the Fairy Tales live?”

What do you think about it?
Fairy tales are so important for everyone because they open our talent and unique ability.
“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales,” said Albert Einstein.
“Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again,” said C.S. Lewis.
How about creating your own fairy tale? The fairy tale has its own rules and they are also wonderful . . . I think that each of us is a storyteller! In them, we create our own lives . . .

• Painting Workshop “Colorful World”

We live in a colorful World where our Nature has an infinite number of shades and color combinations. Even on a rainy day, we can see the perfect combination of large numbers of colors and shades. Why is it important to develop the ability to see a world with different colors?

Colors affect our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and of course our results. That is why the folk traditions of our World have always paid great attention to color.

If you notice a variety of colors around you and know how to use different brushes and paints, you can always create a magnificent picture . . . Why is this so important? Because every day we start with a white sheet… and every day we draw on it a new picture . . .

• Gift Workshop “Just For you!”

When do we give gifts? There are many opportunities! It could be a Birthday or some other very important day or an important event. . . To show our love and respect we can find time to share our creativity as a gift with the inscription “Just for you”. When do we give gifts? When we want to share the joy, grace, love that is in the heart of each of us. Welcome!
With love, Olga Verasen

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