We support companies by developing additional resources for HR through stress reduction, optimizing activity effectiveness, and life balance.

Our sphere activity

– corporate culture & brand development
– project development & teambuilding
– partnership & communication skills
– self-regulation & stress-resistance

– unlimited thinking & proactive position
– activity effectiveness & life-balance
– community & multicultural interaction
– ecological culture & wellness

What we do

– analyze available resources for support HR
– create a concept and proposal mindful of the company’s vision
– discuss and provide the best options

– content development: an online and offline version
– realize content transfer to the HR department
– maintenance support.

Consulting expertise is based

– Olga’s practical activities include her owner business experience, program developer & senior coach of finance group & insurance companies, consultant, systemic coach expert level & coaching instructor/trainer Europian Coaching Association, and her education degrees and licenses.
– as the author of the program “Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings.”

“Our life is not the independent activities of career, family, creativity, or personal development. Our life is a balance of all these areas. When we consciously develop and maintain this balance, it becomes a strong foundation for our development and our contribution to the development of our community”

Some thought about the value of HR in a company

Stress resistance and immunity are indicators of the evolutionary process that are reflected in the ability of an organism to react to environmental influences and to consolidate changes for the best outcomes. A business like an organism is also subject to the laws of evolution.

Why is it important to review current practices?

The current situation for company activity

– the pandemic has created stressful conditions that affect the activities of companies from the effect on employees and customers

– the interaction of companies with partners is not always stable and this creates situations in which it is necessary to look for new solutions

– the speed and flexibility in decision-making in the activities of companies increasingly depend less on the flexibility of decisions made at the top but more on the speed and quality of execution of these decisions by employees of the bottom

Some notices about activity in retail companies

– the race for discounts has an effect, but it cannot last all the time due to the fact that there is a limit both in the size of discounts and in easy duplication by competitors. As a result, the company loses its uniqueness and value in the market

– the offer of accumulative cards takes place, creating attractiveness, and the effect of belonging to the company, but it makes sense to brand development through the uniqueness of the offer: service, design, and corporate culture

Through HR strategy the company can consciously support fixing the qualities that underlie progressive business development and remains a participant in the evolution process, reaching a new level of its development, and not remaining in the past.

The success of companies is becoming increasingly dependent not just on the quality of their technology, but on the quality of employees.

People go to people. People stay where they feel good. This applies to both employees and customers of the company. Currently, most of the activities of our society are focused on results, while feelings are not consciously developed.

However, with the growth of production and competition in the market for goods and services, buyers have become choosers. Their choice depends not on manipulations technique but on the trust in the company. Trust in a company is dependent on trust in the people who represent it.








As a result, a company’s HR focus must go beyond the traditional development of employees to create a system that encourages and support employees in developing themselves.

By implementing this kind of system, a company will attract, retain, and develop people who will consciously work in the company, understand it and their value, respect the value of others, and work as a strong team. The synergy created by this approach will dramatically increase performance results.


A company is a brand center

– Where employees know how to show their best qualities, realizing the value of the company and their role in the overall result. “We can share only what we have. The success of the company begins with each of us.

– Where customers feel good and are ready to come here more often. “We all always leave our money somewhere. People are willing to pay more, and with greater frequency, where they feel good.”

The basics of company system HR education

1- the main participants in this process in the company are employees
2 – the main principles of the company’s development are the principle of self-development
3 – the basis of the education system is synergy “from top to bottom” with “bottom to top”
4 – the main resource of education is a system of mentoring and sharing experience

5 – the model of a system is the system-integrative model (group and individual)
6 – the matrix of the system is a combination of the vertical, horizontal, and Chronos lines.
7 – the education system in a company covers 4 areas of life (see image bottom)

The priority is easy integration into the current system and current company strategy to support the strongest side and priority of the brand.

The quality of employees is determined by

– proactivity, a responsibility based on a sense of belonging to the common cause of the company rather than fear.
– the ability to quickly find balance in a stressful situation and maintain a positive attitude toward others

– professional knowledge and the ability to learn new things
– quick response and the ability to make effective decisions in non-standard situations
– the ability to work in a team, accept, maintain the uniqueness of everyone, and being able to show their uniqueness.

System principles
– modularity (themes consist of modules – lego option)
– fractality (small is repeated in large)
– evolutionary (the possibility of constant development and consolidation of success)
– synergy (interconnection and combination of 4 directions)

Forms of implementation
– mentoring (by topic) – mini sessions with mentors
– “hot request” coaching sessions, group coaching sessions
– independently (video course, etc.)

Create a training and development system for company employees using internal resources

1 – make the most of the experience of experienced successful employees of different levels of responsibility and work location

2 – create conditions for the disclosure of talents and abilities of new employees

3 – closer interaction between HR and the sales department

Employees’ participation in the educational process does not take a lot of work time.
The mentoring matrix is ​​aligned with the general schedule of major responsibilities and includes short coaching sessions (15 minutes) in the algorithm (one step-onetime) and in the form of coaching sessions (group, individual). The group coaching sessions during company events without work time can be 15-30 minutes and more as games or presentations, quests, etc.

Participants of the educational system have the necessary support materials for this: technology algorithms in the form of diagrams, notebooks, and resources for the self-development of coaching skills. Payment for additional participation is the priority of the company vision. However, experience has confirmed the option: add. payment (month) for mentoring + bonus (quarter)% of the improvement in work results.

Program and course author © by Olga Darya Verasen

Systemic coach, educator, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association
Expert, Teaching Trainer​ ECA, of the Professional Association of Professional Coaches in Europe, Germany


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