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The first book in the rainbow series “Magic Tales for children and parents”
A series created for family reading, as well as support the activities of:
employees of children’s centers
creative studios
amateur theaters
The series includes 49 tales by Olga Verasen.
The heroes of these books talk about the important simply . . . They are happy to be friends for you and your family, to share their hereos and wisdom with you and to help build the foundation in what fills our lives with happiness. The book can also support parents in their bedtime routine and will be a wonderful family gift. For children from ages 3 years to adolescents.

Book size 8.5 “X 11” (22.4cm X 29cm), color printing, hard glossy cover, 60 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-6-7

Kind stories from Heart to Heart

About books . . .

Which book is better to choose for your child?
Many years ago I also asked myself this question. And . . . I started to write my own fairy tales from my heart.

I wanted to create for my sons and daughters to have good and wise friends who would help them to develop better human qualities, such as generosity, care, gratitude, joy, love, the ability to follow the dreams they create. I wanted to give my children a sense of life’s beauty and wisdom, awareness of their own uniqueness and the uniqueness of everyone on our Earth.

My children have grown up. I am a happy mother and grandma because my sons and daughter have a strong foundation of best personality qualities and family’s value. They take responsibility in their lives and started to create the same foundation in their families.

I continue to create my fairy tales and create books from my heart because for me all children are like my children. I will be happy if the heroes of my books also become friends to your family, give you answers on the parent’s questions and support you in harmony raising your children and family happiness. Welcome!


Fairy tales — “Happy Home” series

Happy Home

Series “Happy Home”
A beautiful story about Happy Home where Fairy Tales live. This story helps parents instill kindness, generosity, attentiveness, gratitude and other valuable qualities that form the foundation for your child’s happy life. The book has many colorful watercolor illustrations that capture the attention of little children. This fairy tale will become good friends with your children. It will make a wonderful family gift.

Book size 8.5 “X 11” (22.4cm X 29cm), color printing, hard glossy cover, 32 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-1-2

Little Snowflake

Series “Happy Home”
The tale of a little Snowflake who did not want to followr her friends in covering the Earth with a soft fluffy snow blanket. This story is about how important it is to be courageous in order to understand the new and about the ability to take care of others togetherness. This fairy tale will become a support for children who find it difficult to separate from their parents.

Book size 8.5 “X 11” (22.4cm X 29cm), color printing, hard glossy cover, 32 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-2-9

Bluebell’s Song

Series “Happy Home”
This is a story about a Bluebell and a grumpy Little Spider that lives under a large leaf. The tale begins with the bell accidentally entangled in spider’s web. This fairy tale will give you joy and shows how heroes solve a difficult situation. We can always find a better solution if we look at a challenging situation with a smile. This book will be wise support for parents by helping to develop a child’s communication skills.

Book size 8.5 “X 11” (22.4cm X 29cm), color printing, paper glossy cover, 32 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-6-7

  • Novel — “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”

Book for adults and book for family reading (children 9+) about our search for happiness . . .

Novel – fairy tale
An amazing story about a little boy who dreamed of making the whole world happy. The novel has an unusual form – that of a film script. It helps readers to become the creator of the film, developing imagination and plunging them into the adventures of our hero. The book shows the best human qualities, the value of family, and the value of a dream, belief in one’s self and ability to listen to your own heart. For family reading, age 9+

Book size 7 “X 10” (18cm X 25.5cm), color printing, hard glossy cover, 480 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-4-3


Books from the series:

— Adventures Little Bird
— WhyHappy Home
— Planet Big Heart
— Family Creativity – Studio Together
— Home Theater
— Diary for parents
— Diary for children
— Home Calendar
— Coloring books for children and parents
— Book-seminar “How to find Happiness for my Child?”
— Book-quests for the family + video courses “Magic Formula”, “The X-Files”, “Magic Crystal”, “Wonderful Chest”

Publishing House “Olga Verasen LLC”

How I create the book 🙂


With love, Olga Verasen