From the author
For most parents the question isn’t where to buy a children’s book, it is WHAT to buy?
What gives this book value? Will it help in the harmonious development of my child? How can you choose which books are best for your child?

Many years ago I also asked myself this question.
And . . . I started to write fairy tales from my heart.

I wanted to create for my sons and daughters good and wise friends who would help them develop the best human qualities, such as generosity, care, gratitude, joy, love, and the ability to follow the dreams they create. I wanted to give my children a sense of life’s beauty and wisdom, awareness of their own uniqueness and the uniqueness of everyone on our Earth.

My children have grown up. I am a happy mother and grandmother because my sons and daughter have a strong foundation of the best personality qualities and family values. They take responsibility for their lives and started to create the same foundation in their families.

  • Tales became the basis of 9 books, programs, audio and film scripts, plays for the theater and has received recognition at national and international competitions:
  • Based on an exciting plot and fairy tales, I created the international quest “Magic Formula”, in which more than 300 children took part.
  • Over 10 copyright exhibitions of Olga’s illustrations gave rise to the master class “Where do fairy tales live?” which was attended by over 500 children, parents, teachers from different countries.