About Little Hedgehog and our Home . . . 

Little Hedgehog

Many years ago, at the same time of spring as now, my daughter and sons back home after school with a little hedgehog, He woke up in spring from the warm sun but there was too early and still a lot of snow around.
Little Hedgehog lived in our home for several weeks and when the really warm days came we let him go outside. But still a lot of time he came back every evening to the porch and drank milk. And we learned that hedgehogs like to rustle loudly at night, like to sleep during the day and also snore very loudly 🙂
So there was my fairy tale about Little Hedgehog.
When people ask me “Where do you find ideas for your books?” I smile because all the ideas came from Nature and these are also the stories of the childhood of my children. And also . . . even though we consider ourselves adults, we are always children in the heart and we also can look at the world with admiring eyes on the world and can ask many questions “Why”. . . And when we listen, own heart, we understand we live together in one amazing Home – Earth . . .

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About creativity, children, family value, and Nature . . .


About creativity, children, family value, and Nature . . .
At the weekend, my husband and I with a part of our large wonderful family were at the “Maple Syrup on the snow” holiday in Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks. My husband’s father created a wonderful tradition to invite the family’s membership to a holiday and we are happy to be there again and meet all together. Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks have created an amazing place . . . and even such a theater and sculpture. And again about creativity . . . about children and a strong family . . .
Nature is always there and she is always ready to share with us what she has. Nature is a unique example of the creativity and wisdom of the infinite development of life.
Creativity helps a child find his dream, develop courage and learn how to achieve it. If we help develop this quality in children, they will be able to reveal their abilities and talents and will be able to realize them. And also Nature helps parents cultivate the best human qualities that are always the basis of a strong family. This is Love, Respect, Care. And we are also part of Nature . . .

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About Bunny and more . . .


This Bunny turned 25 years old in this year . . . When I sewed dolls for home theater to my eldest son and daughter was about 3.5 and 2 years old. They played with these dolls and then they were joined by the youngest son.

My children grew up . . . They are amazing! They are kind, open, talented, purposeful and responsible. And creativity supported to that a lot. Later, I gave the entire collection to the school, but this Bunny remained as a keepsake.

Why am I writing about this? Yesterday I conducted family creativity class in South Burlington City Hall and we also made dolls. I helped to wonderful children and was glad how nice they did that with their wonderful mom. This is not just a doll . . . This is a wise assistant in communication, which helps children say what they want to say and helps parents say what is important . . . and at the same time, dolls and home theater create an amazing warmth in the home . . .

All my attention as a publisher now on the book “Golden Palace, Way of Rule” It is a really very big project. But this in April, I will publish the first book from the “Home Theater” series, where you can find the dolls’ patterns and several small performances in which children and parents can participate.


with love Olga Verasen

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My screenplay for TV Show


I have a dream to see all my fairy tales for children, and the family stories that I have and will create, on the screen what can see many families in our world.  Today I have news  .  .  .

Another my screenplay for TV show goes to the next step of competition . . .  It is the high-level competition great ScreenCraft team and BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo 8 Productions >>>  and more one thousand participants from all our world. 

I believe my stories can create wonderful support for developing a strong family with Love, Gratitude, Respect. I believe the films can create a wonderful bridge of mutual understanding between different generations and cultures. All parents want the best for their children. All families on our Earth create a foundation for the future of their children. Each family can create a wonderful foundation for their children’s happiness. 
If my screenplays will be film and support happiness for children & parents in our World I will be so happy . . . This is my dream . . .

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My new book this year . . .

Golden Palace

It is an amazing feeling . . . It is like a river inside me . . . and you are so happy to follow this river . . . I will publish my novel as a screenplay in this year!!! It is a story about the east little boy who had a dream . . . It isn’t only a family’s book or a children’s book. It is the book for a child in our heart . . . You know . . . I thought “O-o, you need to make a novel on English, polish your language and only after . . .” But some day ago, my lovely husband just say me “Try it! You need to give that to the word!” And he added. “When I read your Golden Palace some year early, I can understand more . . .” I don’t know how I made it . . . I am really don’t know. But I make that . . . It is the best what I create . . .

And I happy share with you >>> . . .                                                                          logo-butterfly small very




Thanksgiving . . . This is an amazing holiday and I really love its essence and traditions to come together. It is so important just to remember that each of us has in life and be grateful for what we have today . . .

We can always find something for which we can say thank you! We can say thank you to the earth that gives us what it has . . . the sun, the sky, the water . . . In every place of our Earth, there is this amazing tradition . . .

We say thanks to the people who are, have and will be in our life . . . There is always a reason to say thank you and it is so important for us, adults, to teach our children this . . . If our children value what they have, they will always feel joy in their heart . . .

Gratitude and joy are that which is always in the heart of a happy person. More about it on page Happiness for children > and Happy Skills > But now . . .

What about taking a short time for Thanks from the heart every day?logo-butterfly small very


Los Angeles Theatre

My Play Los-Anjeles theater copy

Today I learned that my play passed the first stage of selection for Los Angeles theatre. It is ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition > I am so pleased as this competition is serious with many requirements and 700 entries from around the World.
This competition looks at the potential of producing the play for both theater and film.

My lovely husband helped edit my creation . . . “Where do fairy tales live?”
This play is very kind and beautiful and I wrote it as my heart told me . . .
This my news. It is only the first step of competition . . . But now I want to say you something more . . .

I penned my very first play in my mom’s kindergarten. The actors were 4 and 5 years old and I was 9 years of age . . . The play was a great success and soon our group of actors were invited to other kindergartens.
I never thought about writing plays for professional theater as I was always very busy. While studying at the second university, working at a school and raising three children, a theater director read a few of my fairy tales. He picked up the phone and called me first thing . . . He said, “Good morning! I wish you a wonderful day and success! I wish that you would take the time and write a few lines for ta play” Although I had no time for normal dreams . . . I somehow did it . . . Three days later I gave him the manuscript and the director said. “I congratulate you! Today is the last day for submitting plays for the children’s.” This play received the special prize “Angel”. . .

When I was awarded this prize, I heard a question from one of the famous directors of the jury, “I can’t believe that you have no education as a screenwriter. How did you do write this?” I said. “I just wrote what my heart felt”. In response, I heard. “I wish that this, and your future plays, go to adults and children in different countries of the World because they are about what is important for all of us.” Then I wrote another play and it had a successful theater run. Then there were scripts for film and children’s programs for TV. I don’t know when I wrote them . . . But I think if we love what we do, we will always find time for it . . . Everything that I do is from my heart . . . I’m happy to share it with you . . . Of course, there is education and experience, and at the same time, a little girl always lives in me who looks at the world with admiring eyes . . .

Why am I writing this . . . Because I am want to share with you my news . . . Yes . . . But it is not only that . . . When we love what we doing, have a dream, follow our dream and believe in ourselves, we will see results . . . I have a dream . . . My dream sees my fairy tales and my novel as films and plays for theater . . . I have the first experience and the warm words from many people to inspire me. But my dream is not only for me . . . If my fairy tale support happiness for children & adults in our World I will be so happy . . . This is my dream . . .

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About Fairy Tales . . . 

blog 3

When do people ask me, “How do you create fairy tales?” I just answer “I just feel them with my heart!” They ask me again “But seriously? What is the technology?”
Hmm . . . What about technology?

First comes the fairy tale itself . . . Then I start creating illustrations. I sketch each page on sheets of paper. Then I pull wet “water color” paper on a special panel and squeeze it under pressure for some time. Then I transfer the sketch to this base and start drawing.

Watercolor is an amazingly beautiful technique and, at the same time, very complex. But it is she who, in combination with pastel, allows me to convey the amazing lightness and variety of colors of our Nature. When I take a brush and colors in my hands, I render it in an amazing world in which my heroes live and I live in this world with them . . . Each book is like a trip to an amazing world where fairy tales live. More about Fairy Tales on the page Fairy Tales >

You know . . . I think that each of us is a storyteller! You just need to carefully observe and listen . . . And you will hear fairy tales . . . They are always there! And more . . . Our children know this. Just ask them about this. Our children know a lot about the amazing technology of making fairy tale. Just ask them 🙂

So, welcome to the wonderful World of Fairy Tales!

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Lovely Hero

Did you have a favorite toy in childhood? Perhaps a hero from a fairy tale?
When I see a big teddy bear, I feel in myself the amazing little girl who can feel our huge wonderful world with her open heart . . .

Did you create toys? I sewed toys with my Mom. There was a home theater where I staged performances with my children. I made many toys-gifts and it gave a lot of joy to those who received them and to me! Is it possible to measure the value of a toy we made for our children? That’s why I started the Toy Workshop . . . More about it on pages Creative Studio > and Creative Classes for family >

And . . . A lovely hero helped me say to my children what I wanted to say . . . Why? Hmm . . . Because our children sometimes don’t want to listen to parents, but they are open and willing to listen to a lovely hero . . . And sometimes our children want to say to you something and a lovely hero can help them to do it . . .logo-butterfly small very


From the Heart


My daughter told me that all the paintings that she creates, she sells on festival “Kindness”. All money she receives from the sale she gives for support of a little boy who is seriously ill.

I listened to her and was proud that my children have a strong foundation in life . . . They are honest and open to the World. They know how to love and know how to support others people. This is a very strong basis in life . . . I’m happy that my children have this strong foundation.

I am so proud as a mother! I always support this foundation in all children and parents.
I wish all parents the happiness of seeing their children develop this strong foundation of life!

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Colorful ball

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My husband and I have a favorite place for our walks . . .

Along the way, we see a big grey stone ball. But today, instead we saw the Earth as a globe on a carpet of green grass. Two artists were making a wonderful performance . . . They used color chalks to outline the continents and make the oceans, and it was so beautiful! Wow . . . “It is amazing!” I said and added, “But . . . you know . . . tomorrow there will be rain and all that you do now will be gone . . .” They answered with a smile “No problem! We just enjoy . . .”

Our Life is the best teacher for everyone. Life always gives lessons from a wonderful moment of meeting with people, beautiful Nature. “If we only focused on a result we lose the joy of the creative process” It is so important to remember goal but also be “in the moment”! When we can do this, we enjoy of life and support our happiness . . . How important it is to develop this skill in our children . . .

I also strive to implement this in my life because happiness isn’t a result, it is a way 🙂
I asked the wonderful artists permission to make this photo and I so grateful them & life for their amazing wise example! The next day the rain really come in and the ball again was grey . . . But always when my husband and I walk in our favorite route, I see the big gray ball and remember that one day it was the colorful ball-Earth . . .

You know . . . our Earth is really like a wonderful big colorful ball and we need to support that colors . . .

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Happy Home & Design


We create our own Happy Home. All the things that we create with our own hands have a special warmth. It isn’t necessary to learn complex techniques either.

You can always use the magnificent design and materials that Nature herself has created. If you add to this bits and pieces easily found at a creativity store, you can create a masterpiece!

It can be a great excuse to invite friends to visit you because Happy Home is the house where Joy lives . . . When you give Joy to someone, your home becomes even happier. Everything that we create with our own hands brings special warmth to our home . . . When I listen to the question “How can I do it?” I usually answer. “Just try it!” it’s really very simple. Because there is one basis in everything.

First, find what brings you joy in your heart . . . If there is joy in our heart, then it gives us the energy to find new ideas and implement them. Time can somehow stretch when we are doing what we love 🙂

The second is creativity. Creativity helps us to see our uniqueness. Creativity is the basis of development. More about creativity on pages Creativity > and Creative Studio >

The third is the active position. Yes! Just do it! Yes! No need to wait for inspiration from the outside, we need to find it in ourselves . . . We can see it as soon as we see our uniqueness and value. Joy and creativity will help this (see above 🙂

The fourth is a dream . . . More about dreams you can ready on pages Notebook > very soon.

You know . . . These are not just words . . . This is my life experience. I taught this to my children and always tried to convey this to my students. These skills helps create our Happy Home and also a happy life.

We can start to do it every moment . . .

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Magic Box

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I worked as a volunteer with wonderful team for the program “Art from the Heart” sponsored by BCA in the University of Vermont medical center. Today I created a Magic Box where you can store something very valuable and give it to people. I put hearts in the box which make wonderful gifts of gratitude to those you love . . .

I made up several such sets for children so they could also give the gift of gratitude themselves. When I gave this box to a little boy and told him what this Magic Box meant, he exclaimed “Wow, I’ll give one to my Grandma!” I again thought about how important positive creativity is in creating the best emotions for happiness our children. One of the best feelings is Gratitude.

We create our life and in it happiness every moment. At the same time, each of us is a customer, an architect, a designer, an engineer and a builder. Our children do this instinctively. We can not build a happy life for them, but we can teach them so they know how to create their best . . .  

More about it on pages Creativity > and Creative Studio >

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About basic


I like to look at stones . . .  This is a special structure with a strong basis . . . 
And also they are very beautiful . . .
A few days ago I listened to my youngest son. He was singing about a dream.
I asked him: “Who wrote this song?” He answered “I did.”
I was so happy to hear it! When we create dreams, we can achieve them . . .
This is also a strong basis for development. We can teach our children . . .  Just ask yourself “What is my dream?” Why? Because we are growing our life and our dream can grow with us. Our dreams are like our navigator 🙂 And . . .  Because we can give our children only what we have . . . 

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